Behavioral Addictions

There are many forms of addiction. There are well-known addictions to substances such as drugs or alcohol. That is a physical addiction. Then there are behavioral addictions.

People tend to think about addiction along the lines of having physical symptoms if stopping — symptoms like withdrawal. Withdrawal is the body’s response to the abrupt stop of using a substance it has grown dependent on.

Behavioral addiction has all the same life-changing problems as physical addiction. But it doesn’t have any of the nasty symptoms that drug or alcohol addiction has, like withdrawal. That is because you aren’t taking a substance, you’re doing an action.

Generally, behavioral addiction has compulsive actions. These are actions that have to be performed and cannot be controlled. This action has to happen even if it negatively impacts their life or harms others.

The action could be rewarding or give a little mental high to the person doing it. They could feel guilty even while performing the task but finding themselves unable to stop. Just like with physical addiction it can be impossible to quit without help from others.

Common Behavioral Addictions

It isn’t really known if any harmful and repetitive behavior can become an addiction. But there are a few that have been reported and keep cropping up.

They end up at the addiction level and need intervention to quit. Otherwise, these habits harm health, relationships, and often finances. These are things that should be watched over carefully, but addiction ruins that.

●Gambling Addiction

This is an addiction related to any choices made toward gambling that negatively impacts a person’s life. This can be their family, their job, or relationships in general.

People tend not to get gambling addiction treatment until they lose a lot. Maybe their families, their houses, or more.

Gambling can be done in a casino, poker games, online gambling, or sports betting.

It is characterized by:

  • Betting more than intended
  • Being preoccupied
  • Chasing losses even if you can’t pay
  • Aggressive when losing or unable to gamble

● Food Addiction

Everyone needs food. Obviously, food is essential to our survival, and everyone eats it. But food addiction takes it to another level.

This isn’t just overeating or eating because someone is bored. This is to an extreme. They crave unhealthy foods high in fat or sugar. They get a bit of a high or euphoria from eating it what gets out of control with time.