About Us

The Behavioral Addiction Treatment Center in High Point, North Carolina has been around for the last six years. We take pride in our approach to helping those who suffer from behavioral addictions.

Behavioral addictions suffer from a severe stigma in today’s society. That is because they are often based on impulse control, and involve things people think should be easily managed. That isn’t the case.

An obsession causes addiction to the point of negative consequence. Compulsive means they can’t help doing it. So whether it is sex addiction, gambling addiction, or food addiction, it isn’t easily stopped.

Addiction changes the brain chemistry. It releases dopamine which gives people a high. It trains the brain to want more which keeps them doing that harmful activity.

It’s not shameful or embarrassing, we know that. We seek to end the stigma and to help people find others like them to work through it together.

Support is key to rehabilitation, and we are here to support you. We provide around the clock care and appropriate training on how to handle life.

Life skills need to be reevaluated to help control how you handle yourself. That’s what we do, help you become the best you again.