Water People

Bloomfield, Jennifer (American playwright, actor, director, January 27, 1970-____),

"Water People," a 60-minute comedy-drama in English, set in Vermont (U.S.A.) country, over a single summer, 1997,


1997 by Jennifer Bloomfield;

  • in Jennifer Bloomfield's Water People (Burlington, Vermont, U.S.A.: Author, 1997);
  • scripts available from Jennifer Bloomfield, 206 North Winooski Avenue, Burlington, Vermont 05401, U.S.A., e-mail jennyfb@aol.com, telephone (home) 802-652-0761, (work) 301-460-1299;
  • rights available from Jennifer Bloomfield, 13712 Wagon Way, Silver Spring, Maryland 20906, U.S.A.
  • Cited by Jennifer Bloomfield via ftp April 2, 2002; Bloomfield says,

Dramatis Personae

David (m), 45, Annas husband, a newspaper man; Sam (m), 17, Davids son, rebellious and insolent, naive for his age; Anna (f), 40, Davids wife, a blocked sculptor; Melanie (f), 40, Annas friend, full of life, joy and sorrow.


Everythings fine with Anna and David in their comfortable country home in Vermont. Anna lives sedately. David holds a steady, respectable job with the local paper, but the job has little opportunity for advancementor excitement. Then Davids insolent son, Sam, shows up. Young for his age and unsure of his future plans, the boy moves in for the summer. Annas grieving friend Melanie jets in from the Greek Islands, her latest love as well as her latest career having blown up in her face. Melanie seduces them all with her lust for life.


The play occurs over a single summer in Vermontin one room, the kitchen, and in the world beyond the kitchen. The conflict appears simple: a stranger disrupts a familys calm. But at center is a fundamental dilemma: where is the balance between freedom and stability? What compromises do we make in our choices, and what are the costs of each? Audiences leave the theatre with diametrically-opposed interpretations of the characters choices . . . and I hope . . . talk about them, think about them, and question their own first instinctive reactions . . . and their second ones! The several tango sequencesbrief, simple and seductive have accompanying music. Water People has garnered much attention in public readings and productions. It was named best original script in the Maryland One-Act Competition of 2001.


choice, freedom, happiness, lesbianism, stability, summertime, Vermont