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This site accesses playwrights, their scripts, and related sundries.

Play-seekers, playwrights, agents, publishers, and librarians should find this a rich resource. Others should enjoy browsing. The numerous pages at this site and the Web links assist anyone interested in small-cast one-act plays.

Small-Cast One-Act Guide Online aims to foster productions, expedite publication, and facilitate study of the plays cited here. Another goal is to halt the present disastrous loss of unpublished and out-of-print scripts. Libraries should archive them for future use. Through this site, librarians can contact playwrights directly and solicit manuscripts for archiving.

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Refer to the following sections to organize and conduct your search.

The table of contents itemizes this Website's sections, as does the table of contents in the counterpart print volume.

The acknowledgments list recognizes persons and institutions that have assisted research.

The foreword presents a significant testimonial.

The preface (23.8K) explains purpose, perspective, scope, discoveries and possibilities, and origin of this site.

The introduction (14.7K) describes the parts of the site.

The cast size/gender index (20K) sorts plays by number and gender of actors. Use this if you have a specific company of actors and want to find a script to match that balance of size and gender. Clicking cast size/gender tabs at the top of the index can speed your search.

The title index (20K) names and links all included plays. Use this if you already know the title of a given play. Clicking letter tabs at the top of the index can speed your search.

The author index (20K) lists authors' names with their plays cited here, giving genre and cast/gender identification. Use this if you want to see a list of all included plays by a given author. These playwrights are immediately available almost always through e-mail connection from within the play descriptions. If not available through e-mail, they or their agents are available via telephone, fax, or postal addresses included in the individual play descriptions. Clicking letter tabs at the top of the index can speed your search.

The glossary (21K) explains common and uncommon genre terms used to classify plays. The Webmaster invites expansions to these definitions and invites new terms.

The bibliography for playwrights (10.4K) provides helpful references for casual or serious authors.

The playbills by themes (19.7K) section offers programs built on themes. Sources for the plays named here are in the complementary print volume or from the Webmaster.

The eighty script analyses section points to script analyses in the counterpart print volume.

The source directory for scripts (23.4K) names and annotates play publication houses, giving addresses.

The success stories of this site are growing. Perhaps using this site will cause you to add yours.

The form for submitting a new citation handily allows playwrights, agents, and publishers at no cost to list here published/unpublished, produced/unproduced plays in any language. Use this to submit citations of one-act plays involving four or fewer actors, yours or anyone else's. Give complete information, as individual citations largely derive from citers' specific data and own synopses and comments.

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Small-Cast One-Act Guide Online complements the more-extensive print volume, 1/2/3/4 for the Show: A Guide to Small-Cast One-Act Plays (Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press, 1995), ISBN 0-8108-2985-1, $39.50, plus s/h, Scarecrow Press, c/o University Press of America, 4720 Boston Way, Lanham, MD 20706, telephone 800-462-6420 or 301-459-3366, fax 301-459-2118.

The present Web links (21.6K) lead to extensive playwriting resources available elsewhere on the Internet.

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The general bibliography (38K) indicates the research upon which this site is founded.

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