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Present Web Links

The following links access Web sites of interest to people involved in drama/theatre.
Most of these sites relate to the creation, production, and distribution
of small-cast one-act scripts in all media;
they include
playwriting resources,
production resources,
publishers of print scripts,
publishers of electronic scripts,
playwrights with personal Websites, and
Other interesting links appear at the end.

Playwriting Resources

  • Absolute Write and Writer Online, one-stop web home for professional playwrights
  • Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights, support and service for the Los Angeles playwriting community
  • Chicago Dramatists, Chicago's playwrights' theatre, solely devoted to development of new plays and nurturing of playwrights
  • The Dramatists' Guild, lists playwrights and invites as members residents of New York City and the surrounding tri-state area (Long Island, Northern New Jersey, Westchester and Fairfield counties); offers national memberships to those outside the area who can spend time in NYC to take advantage of its programs
  • The Dramatists' Guild of America, regarded by many as the most important organization for any American playwright
  • E-script, the meeting place on the web for scriptwriters of all kinds, features online courses and workshops
  • Final Draft playwriting resources, Jon Dorf's columns on the craft and business of playwriting.
  • Insight for Playwrights, subscription monthly marketing newsletter with the latest submission information for theatres, contests, fellowships, residencies, and other development programs for dramatic writers
  • The International Centre for Women Playwrights, supports women playwrights by encouraging production, translation, publication, and international distribution of their plays
  • The Internet Theatre Bookshop, an international catalogue of plays and theatre related books,  particularly plays for performance and plays out-of-print
  • Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, weekly playwriting workshops sessions for 11-25 year olds and for people over 50
  • Manhattan Playwrights Group, 211 West 71st Street, Suite 6A, New York, New York 10023, U.S.A., telephone 212 721-2979, fax 212 721-3669, e-mail mscott13@aol.com. Playwrights may submit a play for review by Mimi Scott; send as a word document to her email listed above or mail it to the above address. MPG has an annual one-act festival.
  • Native American Women Playwrights Archive (Miami University Libraries) and the Department of Theatre, Miami University
  • New Dramatists, BBS open to anyone who wants to exchange ideas, problems, discoveries, frustrations, and/or inspirations on the art, craft and livelihood of playwriting
  • Northwest Playwrights Guild, serving playwrights in the northwest region of the United States and Canada
  • NY Play Development, a free play development lab run by playwrights.
  • New York Foundation for the Arts: Directory of Services, enables creation and sharing of scripts
  • Playwrights Actors Lab Studio offers paid instruction about the craft of playwriting on a professional level.
  • Philadelphia Dramatists Center, a service organization for Philadelphia's playwrights (and other dramatic writers) offering script development opportunities and other support
  • Playwright's Place, tips on playwriting by David W. Christner and access to his scripts
  • Playwrights on the Web, an international contact list of playwrights and their websites
  • Playwrights' Resources, sundry resources for playwrights
  • Playwrights' Workshop Montreal, professional theatre centre dedicated to developing contemporary work and new writers for the Canadian stage
  • Rachel King—Writers' Mentor, advice with plots and publishing from a published novelist
  • REED presents WWW links for mediaeval and early modern play texts.
  • Reference Shelf, quick access to words, facts and figures
  • Research-It!, language, library, geographical, financial, shipping & mailing, and Internet tools
  • Sandra Perlman Playwright, home page of award-winning member of the Cleveland Play House Playwrights' Unit
  • Screenwriters& Playwrights Home Page, self-described
  • Scriptdude Software, formatting software for screen, television, stage, or audio visual, ScriptThing (Windows) $260, and Scriptware (Windows) $260 + s/h
  • Scriptware, formatting software for screen, television, stage, or audio visual, given The Writer's Guild of America's 4-star rating in every category, Windows $299.95 + s/h
  • Thespis-Verlag, ein Theaterverlag, der sich an Theater, Autoren, Regisseure und Produzenten, sowie an Dramaturgen gleichermaßen wendet [a theatrical publishing company which involves theater, authors, directors and producers, as well as to script editors]. This Verlag is always looking for English-language plays to translate into German.
  • Playwriting 101, instruction on playwriting from formatting to submission.
  • Young Playwrights Page, really for all ages, advice and instruction on playwriting

Production Resources

Publishers of Print Scripts

  • Aran Press, publishing plays since '83, currently, with about 325 plays listed and over 100 playwrights
  • Baker's Plays, one-act scripts/rights from major publisher
  • Broadway Play Publishing Inc,, publishes some one-act plays
  • Brooklyn Publishers, publishes many short, small-cast competition pieces (monologues, duets) as well as plays of all lengths and cast sizes
  • Brown, Son and Ferguson,, the leading play publishers in Scotland, with over 200 one-act and 100 full-length plays always in print
  • Currency Press, Pty. Ltd., Australia's leading independent publisher of the performing arts
  • Dramatists Play Service, one-act scripts/rights from major publisher
  • Eldridge Plays and Musicals, the online catalog of Eldridge Publishing Company, in Venice, Florida, U.S.A.
  • Encore Performance Publishing, play and theatre book publishers and performance rights licensing
  • Heuer Publishing Company, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406, U.S.A.
  • Goldfish Publishers, script publisher
  • New Theatre Publications, the publishing company owned by the members of the non-profit New Playwrights Co-operative, Warlingham, England
  • One Act Play Depot, a small new-script publisher that never charges playwrights. All plays featured remain the property of the playwrights. OAPD, in Spiritwood, Saskatchewan, Canada, receives only a small portion of production rights. Playwrights receive royalties for plays sold and are paid whenever they are owed $10 or more. Playwrights learn of contracted productions and may communicate with producers. OAPD  will begin accepting submissions again in February, 2003, focusing on black comedy along with well-written dramatic and comedic pieces. OAPD accepts approximately one in every one hundred scripts submitted for perusal.
  • Palmetto Play Service, one-act scripts/rights from an innovative publisher in South Carolina, U.S.A.
  • Pioneer Drama Service, full service play-publishing, performance-licensing company in the United States; an online catalog of plays, including an authors' index, play synopses, and information about ordering scripts and performance royalties
  • Plays, the drama magazine for young people; each issue includes 8 to 10 plays, arranged by age level (lower grades through junior-senior high school)
  • Playwrights’ Co-operative, a writer-owned and -managed not-for-profit publishing company that gives the individual playwright greater control and responsibility in marketing scripts
  • Popular Play Service, always looking for new plays to add to its catalog
  • Samuel French, the largest commercial catalog of scripts, with synopses in catalog but not online, a decided handicap to the user
  • International Storytellers, an international license company for musicals, plays and family entertainment in general; contact Tjitte Meijer, Holland
  • TDR, the journal of performance studies, a forum for writing all kinds of performances in their aesthetic, historical, social, economic, political, and theoretical contexts; each fully illustrated issue includes texts of performance works
  • WriteRead Press, commercial publication of scripts in printed or E-book format, with help with every step of the writing process

Publishers of Electronic Scripts

  • One Act Plays on the Dramatic Exchange, synopses and full one-act texts online
  • Original Works, Web equivalent to print publishing houses
  • ProPlay, plays which have received professional productions listed free-of-charge on the Web to encourage their further production
  • scriptseeker.com, a cyber-catalog, providing exclusive access to exciting new scripts from writers around the world
  • SelectPlays, provides plays, musicals and auxiliary components as well as rights of performance totally online

Playwrights with Personal Websites

Other Interesting Links

Search Engines for Finding/Placing Websites

  • Alta Vista. Major engine.
  • Infoseek. Infoseek receives over 1,000,000 queries daily. Send e-mail to www-request@infoseek.com.
  • Inktomi. Search Submit is a leading paid inclusion program for smaller sites.
  • LycosLycos gets its 11,000,000 listings by automatically searching the entire Web. It may find your new site on its own! Still, ask the Lycos program to search/list your site ASAP, maybe three weeks.
  • WebCrawler A robot search of the Web.
  • Yahoo Vast resources.


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