Eighty Script Analyses

To facilitate play choice, eighty script analyses appear as a section of 1/2/3/4 for the Show: A Guide to Small-Cast One-Act Plays, ISBN 0-8108-2985-1. The format presents (a) information as it might appear on the printed program for the production and (b) the plot with an evaluation to assist selection.

"After the Fact," 1m1f, comedy, page 179

"Amelia Lives," 1f, drama, page 180

"American Ancestor Worship," 1f, comedy, page 181

"Animal," 1f, comedy, page 182

"Answers," 3m, drama, page 183

"archy and mehitabel," 3m1f+, musical comedy, page 184

"Before Breakfast," 1f, drama, page 185

"Bespoke Overcoat, The," 4m, comedy, page 186

"Birthday Present, The," 1m2f, drama , page 187

"Box Office," 1m, comedy, page 188

"Box and Cox," 2m1f, farce, page 189

"Call, The," 2m, drama, page 190

"Chekhov," 1m1f, comedy, page 191

"Chicks," 1f, comedy, page 192

"Comanche Caf‚," 2f, drama, page 193

"Conversation at Night with a Despised Character: A Curriculum for Our Times," 2m, drama, page 194

"Dance and the Railroad, The," 2m, drama, page 195

"Daughters of Edward D. Boit, The," 4f, dark comedy, page 196

"Death of the Hired Man, The," 2m2f, drama, page 197

"Dock Brief, The," 2m, comedy, page 198

"Drummer, The," 1m, drama, page 199

"Empty Space, An," 1m1f, drama, page 200

"Estoy enamorado de tu hermana," 1m2f, farsa, page 201

"Frog Prince, The," 2m2f, comedy, page 202

"Fumed Oak," 1m3f, comedy, page 203

"Harmfulness of Tobacco, The," 1m, comedy, page 204

"Hello, Ma!" 2f, comedy, page 205

"Here We Are," 1m1f, comedy, page 206

"How He Lied to Her Husband," 2m1f, high comedy, page 207

"Impromptu," 2m2f, drama, page 208

"Jewish Wife, The," 1m1f, drama, page 209

"Last Days of Mankind," 1m+, drama, page 210

"Laughs, Etc," 1f, comedy, page 211

"Ledge, Ledger, and the Legend," 3m, farce, page 212

"Lip Service," 2m, drama, page 213

"Longing for Worldly Pleasures," 1m or 1f, Chinese K'unshan play, page 214

"Los Dos Caras del Patroncito/The Two Faces of the Boss," 3m, agitprop, page 215

"Man with the Flower in His Mouth, The," 2m1f, drama, page 216

"Me Too, Then!" 2m1f, farce, page 217

"Movie Mother," 1f, comedy, page 218

"Necklace, The," 1m2f, drama, page 219

"Nightingale, A," 1m3f, drama , page 220

"Not Enough Rope," 1m2f, comedy, page 221

"Old Jew, The," 1m, drama, page 222

"Olives, The/Las Aceitunas," 2m2f, comedy, page 223

"Open Admissions," 1m1f, drama, page 224

"Other Player, The," 3m or 3f or mixed, drama, page 225

"Overtones," 4f, comedy, page 226

"Passport," 1m, drama, page 227

"Phoenix Too Frequent, A," 1m2f, comedy, page 228

"Ping," 1m, drama, page 229

"Playe Called the Foure PP, The: A Newe and a Very Mery Enterlude of a Palmer, a Pardoner, a Potycary, and a Pedler," 4m, comedy, page 230

"Purgatory," 3m1f or 2m, drama, page 231

"Purple Door Knob, The," 3f, drama, page 232

"Queens of France," 1m3f+, comedy, page 233

"Rapes," 2m1f, drama, page 234

"Riders to the Sea," 1m3f+, a drama, page 235

"Rising of the Moon, The," 4m, comedy, page 236

"Rosary," 1f, drama, page 237

"Save Me a Place at Forest Lawn," 2f, comedy-drama, page 238

"Scent of Honeysuckle, A," 3f, drama, page 239

"Senior Prom," 1m1f, comedy, page 240

"Shrew You; or, Who Hath Need of Men? As Goode Accounte As Anye Knowne Describing How Sweet Shagsper Shuffles Off His Mortal Coil," 2m2f, fantasy-comedy, page 241

"Sing to Me Through Open Windows," 3m, drama, page 242

"Something Unspoken," 2f, drama, page 243

"Soul Gone Home," 3m1f, comedy, page 244

"Spared," 1m+, drama, page 245

"Spittin' Image," 2m, comedy, page 246

"Stronger, The," 2f+, drama, page 247

"Suburban Tragedy," 1m1f, drama, page 248

"Suppressed Desires," 1m2f, comedy, page 249

"That's All," 2f, drama, page 250

"Thursday Is My Day for Cleaning," 1f, comedy, page 251

"To Burn a Witch," 4f, drama, page 252

"Tongues," 1m+, piece for voice and percussion, page 253

"Trap Is a Small Place, A," 1m3f, drama, page 254

"Twelve Pound Look, The," 2m2f, comedy, page 255

"12:21 P.M," 2m1f, farce, page 256 Vanities [Act I], 3f, comedy, page 257

"Volver a decir el mar," 1m, drama, page 258

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