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“My Sister Wears Sensible Shoes”

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Sands, Stephanie (Australian playwright, 1968-____), “My Sister Wears Sensible Shoes,”

a __-minute comedy in English,


  •  © 1995 by Stephanie Sands;  •  in Stephanie Sands’ Blurb—the Story of Her (Leeton New South Wales, Australia: The Author, 1995);  •  script/rights available from Stephanie Sands, 16 Elberta Street, Leeton, NSW 2705, Australia, telephone (Std Australian Code) 069 533208. Cited by Stephanie Sands to present author via e-mail December 12, 1995; Sands says,

  §  Dramatis Personae _______ (f), old college friend; _______ (f), old college friend; _______ (f), old college friend; _______ (f), new partner.

  §  Synopsis “Three old college friends convene after ten years to meet the new partner of one of them, who happens also to be a woman.”

  §  Comment “Homosexuality: sexual interest in members of one's own sex. Female homosexuality is known as lesbianism. Many male and female homosexuals prefer to be called gay, a term that has been associated with homosexuality since the early 1900s. Although many people consider homosexuality a moral offense and homosexual sex is illegal in some states and nations, it is no longer considered a psychiatric disorder, and genetic and neural evidence that sexual orientation has a physiological basis is growing. Societal attitudes toward homosexuality have varied greatly, historically and culturally. It was celebrated in ancient Greece and respected historically in Japan. In European cultures, religious and secular laws against homosexuality began in the Middle Ages as prohibitions against any kind of sexual activity not aimed a procreation. Since the Stonewall Rebellion in 1969, many groups have formed to fight for the civil rights of homosexuals (see Gay Rights Movement). Condemnatory attitudes toward homosexuality have complicated efforts to combat AIDS in places like the U.S., where the disease initially appeared among homosexuals.”—Encyclopedia.com from Electric Library, http://www.encyclopedia.com, accessed May 19, 1998.

  §  Themes college, decade, female homosexuality, first encounter, friendship, Lesbianism, longtime relationship, meeting, reunion.

See also Stephanie Sands’

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