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The Passion Play

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Lanci, Gabriel (American playwright, February 18, 1940, 19__-____), “The Passion Play,”

a 30-minute drama, in English, set in bar in an elegant restaurant, early evening, 1985 or any time since,


© 1985 by Gabriel Lanci, script/rights available from Gabriel Lanci, 32 Baltimore Street, Lynn, Massachusetts 01902, U.S.A., telephone (home) 781-593-1085, (work) 781-593-1085, e-mail GabeLanci@aol.com. Cited Lanci Gabriel via ftp, May 31, 1998; Lanci says,
Dramatis Personae Guilio (m), older man; Gary (m), younger man; Bartender (m).

Synopsis “A dapper elderly man and a young man encounter each other in the dimly lighted bar of a posh restaurant. The older man is in the city searching for his son who has left home after an altercation. The young man, Gary, wants to know why Guilio, the older man, has come to this particular city to search. Guilio takes out a newspaper clipping that tells of a young man who has the faculty to heal—to cure by touch. His son, Jeremy, had this gift and used it to cure people in dire need. Why did Jeremy leave home? Guilio says he had wanted him to see what the world was like. But, his son was in love with his father’s vineyards and the people who worked them. Gary angrily relates being abandoned by his father when he was six, with only a key around his neck for identification. ‘He must have loved you,’ Guilio tells him. ‘He wanted you to be the last one he saw before he left.’ The two stories become linked, exposing either a hot tempered son attempting to destroy his father; or a mystical earthly figure confronting God, bringing the death of the son and the father’s bearing his son’s body home.

Comment __________.

Themes abandonment, altercation, bar, body, confrontation, cure, death, desertion,  destruction, father-son relationship, first encounter, flight, generation gap, gift, God, healing, home, homecoming, identification, inheritance, key, laying on of hands, loved, mystery, newspaper clipping, patricide, restaurant, search, temper, vineyards, wanderlust, worker.

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