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"The Madness of the American Sentry"

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Bobkoff, Ned (American director, educator, 1934-____), “The Madness of the American Sentry,”

a 40-minute satire in English, set in a warehouse loft in New York City, July 4, 2004,

3m1f; © 1986 by Ned Bobkoff; • in Ned Bobkoff’s The Madness of the American Sentry (Rochester, New York, U.S.A.: The Author, 1986); • script/rights available from Ned Bobkoff, 380D Calm Lake Circle, Rochester, New York 14612, U.S.A., telephone 585-621-2813, e-mail nedbobkoff@msn.com, scriptcreator@hotmail.com. • Cited by Ned Bobkoff via e-mail July 23, 1995; Bobkoff says,

§ Dramatis Personae Amerigo Vespucci the Seventeenth (m), descendent of the infamous Italian navigator; Captain J. Edgar Ashcraft (m), of the International Brotherhood of Fog Men; Amerigo Vespucci the First (m), the famed Italian navigator; Miss Liberty (f), the Statue of Liberty in all her glory; Frogmen (male team).

§ Synopsis “The Statue of Liberty jumps off her pedestal into New York harbor for a career change. ‘Miss Liberty dear, wherever you are, please, come back!’ pleads the Chief of Stage. ‘What will we do without you?’ Liberty is discovered hiding in a warehouse by Amerigo Vespucci the 17th, the great, great, great etceteras grandson of the Italian navigator who claimed he discovered America. ‘Amerigo Vespucci? A liar, a slave trader from the word go!’ Liberty snaps. ‘Worse than Columbus!’ Captain J. Edgar Ashcraft of the International Brotherhood of Frogmen crashes into the loft with a katzenjammer S.W.A.T. team. ‘Madam, on orders from authorities higher than myself,’ he declares, ‘I’m afraid I must place you under house arrest.’ ‘House Arrest?’ Liberty retorts. ‘I don’t know him, sir. And I certainly will not be placed under him. No woman worth her salt would allow herself to be put in such a position. Lay a hand on me, Captain, and you will face serious harassment charges. Making a pass at the Statue of Liberty will not be tolerated by the American people. Although in this day and age every one and every thing is up for grabs.’

§ Comment “The play mixes satire, knock about farce, and sharp-tongued wit. Perfect for a political year. • ‘The Madness of the American Sentry’ is one of three one-act comedies comprising Bobkoff’s comic trilogy Wit, Satire, Farce and Fun. The other plays of the trilogy are ‘The Natural Membrane of the Lamb’ and ‘Invalid.’” • See also Ned Bobkoff’s “Invalid,” a comedy in English with a touch of Moliére, 3m1f; “The Man at the Piano Is Not Here,” a 60-minute concert play with music in English set in Clara Schumann’s sanctuary, 1856, 1f; “The Natural Membrane of the Lamb,” a comedy in English, 2m1f (+ a mysterious presence). • “35 years experience working with people from all walks of life in a variety of cultural & community settings - throughout the United States and abroad. The Firebugs * Established 2 theatres. Directed/produced over 80 theatre and mixed media events. Published plays, essays, fiction and reviews covering the arts. Earl Boen as Tom Paine * Teaching venues include educational institutions servicing indigenous and international student populations: The Institute of American Indian Arts (Santa Fe), The American University in Bulgaria, The National Konservatuvari for Music and the Performing Arts (Turkey) Rehearsal of The Visit (Turkey) * Selected as an Artist-in-Residence in New Mexico, Wyoming, North Carolina and Virginia. David Casiano & Friend in Stage Directions * New York State Council On The Arts grant for exploratory video work. Wurlitzer Foundation Playwriting Residence (Taos, NM). Dramatist Guild Playwriting Grant. Actors Studio (Director’s Unit) & Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers workshops, New York City.”— Ned Bobkoff’s Home Page, http://www.artsrochester.org/artists/bobkoff/background.htm, accessed January 31, 2005. • Addendum November 21, 2004: Bobkoff in 2004 began writing reviews and essays on-line for Scene4: International Magazine for Theatre, Film and the Media, http://www.scene4.com.

§ Themes Captain Ahab, career change, democracy, Disney (Walt Disney, American cartoonist, cinema and theme part mogul, December 5, 1901-December 15, 1966), Donald Duck, epistolography, escape, fireworks, Fourth of July, friendship, frogman, Goofy, bottle message, house arrest, immigration, Mickey Mouse, national treasure, Statue of Liberty, Vespucci (Amerigo Vespucci, Latin Americus Vespucius, famed Italian navigator , for whom the continents of North and South America are named, 1451-1512).

See also Ned Bobkoff’s

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