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Bumbalo, Victor (aka Rev. Sraddha Karuna, playwright, Buddhist novice, Zen Dharma teacher, 1948-____), “Show,”

a religious black comedy in English, in twenty-three scenes, set in an institution, probably 1992,


; •  © 1992 by Victor Bumbalo; •  in The Best American Short Plays 1992-1993, the Best American Short Plays Series, edited by Howard Stein and Glenn Young (New York: Applause Theatre Book Publishers, 1993), ISBN 1-55783-166-1, ISBN 1-55783-167-X, ISSN 1062-7561, containing “The Valentine Fairy,” 1m1f; “The Tack Room,” 3m; “A Couple with a Cat,” 2m1f; “Bondage,” 1m1f; “Jolly,” 2m1f; “Aryan Birth,” 1m; “The Cowboy, the Indian and the Fervent Feminist,” 2m1f; “Dreamers,” 2m; ;  •  rights available from Howard Rosenstone, 3 East 48th Street, New York City, New York 10017, U.S.A.; contact Victor Bumbalo by e-mail VictorTom@aol.com.  •  Cited in Play Index, 1988-1992: An Index to 4,397 Plays, edited by Juliette Yaakov (____-____) and John Greenfieldt (____-____) (New York: The H. W. Wilson Company, 1993), ISSN 0554-3037, LCCN 64-1054, 542 pp.

  § Dramatis Personae _____ (m), __, homosexual Catholic priest with AIDS; _____ (m), __, male prostitute orderly.

  § Synopsis “Homosexual Catholic p;riest with AIDS visited by male prostitute orderly in institution.”—Yaakov and Greenfieldt, p. 52.

  §  Comment “Victor Bumbalo (Rev. Sraddha) was born Victor Bumbalo in Utica, New York in 1948. He is a graduate of Bennington College, receiving an M.A. in Theatre. He is an award winning playwright, receiving the Ingram Merrill award for play writing. Among his plays are Adam and the Experts, Niagara Falls, What are Tuesdays Like, and Show. He has also written for television including episodes for NYPD Blue and HBO’s Spawn, Relativity and a number of Movies of the Week. He also co-produced the Three Dollar Bill Theatre in New York.He was founder and board member of the Robert Chesley Foundation, and was a team leader for the Gay Men’s Health Crisis in New York Today he is an active member of IBMC’s prisoner correspondence program. He received his Novice Dharma Teacher ordination August 2002 at IBMC [International Buddhist Meditation Center Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.].”—Monks and Dharma Teachers @ IBMC, http://www.ibmc.info/ibmc2/staff.html, accessed November 9, 2002.

  §  Themes “AIDS, Catholic clergy, male prostitution, visit.”

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