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“Empty and Ready”

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David Elliot Brown playwright of the year 2003

Brown, David Elliot (Scottish playwright living in Germany, December 26, 1964-____), “Empty and Ready,”

a 20-minute drama in English, set in Bonnrigg, Scotland, just before dawn, 2004,


; © 2004 by David Elliot Brown; • in David Elliot Brown’s Empty and Ready (Eitorf, Germany: The Author, 2004), 16 pp.; • script/rights available from David Elliot Brown, Krabachtalstr 12 53783, Eitorf, Germany, e-mail dbrown8953@aol.com, http://www.writewords.org.uk/. • Cited by David Elliot Brown via e-mail, February 15, 2004; Brown says,

§ Dramatis Personae Tam or Tom (m), 35, homeless drunk, downtrodden, filthy, really tall, well-built; Tim (m), 35, homeless drunk, downtrodden, filthy, small, weedy, camp.

§ Synopsis Tim and Tom (Tam) drunkenly sing and fall about. Tim cautions Tam about being too boisterous, maybe attracting attention. A trash bin at a lamppost reveals two severed legs complete with shoes. Tam rhapsodizes about skinny-dipping in the River Esk at sunrise, but Tim winges about life and hunger and the Bonnrigg beast, a three-time murderer on the loose, a murderer who drinks the blood of his victims and cuts them into pieces. Tim wants to leave. Tam, enjoying himself, rummages through the supermarket bin. Morose and self-pitying, lamenting about having thrown his life away, Tim spots legs under the bin. Tam at first ignores them and feasts on remains of a Chinese takeaway, then he removes shoes from the legs and tries them on. Tim hyperventilates and vomits and wants to flee the scene, fearing he’ll be blamed for some crime. Tam has no sympathy for the victim nor for Tim and weakness and certainly does not want to notify the police, “ I’m no getting involved. First rule of small-town thinking. Never get involved.” He teasingly throws a leg at Tim, who freaks out. Tam rummages through a bin and sees more body parts, but that does not shock him. He berates Tim’s hysteria and says he’s pimped a fellatio arrangement with a Paki that’ll give them the money they need. Tam says, “We can eat proper. Drink champagne doon at Cramond by the sea. Ye love sleeping by the sea, eh? The voices in the wind cackling through the water. Lulling ye to fitful slumber. All that with a full belly and your addiction sated. One blow job’s all is takes.” But Tim recalls times that Tam has let him down. Tam squeezes Tim’s hands until Tim cries out in pain. Tam ridicules him for a homosexual affair Tim had had with a student and for the consequent prison term and notoriety. As a car approaches, Tam stuffs Tim into the bin and climbs in after him. When the headlights fade, they climb out of the bin more filthy than before. Tam teases Tim about the killer at large then grabs Tim by the neck and throws him to the ground. “I’m the fucking uncrowned king of everywhere I go. You fucking little paedo bastard. You cunts make me sick with your weakness. I should fucking kill you like I did the rest.” Tim asks what that means, but Tam evades the question by fantasizing about their breaking into the supermarket and taking all they could eat and drink. Tam fuses fantasies of sex and food and gets into a fervour gasping for air. Tim fantasizes about food until Tam grabs him and forces his hand down his trousers. Tim resists, and Tam starts to rape him but kicks him instead. Tim recovers enough to kick Tam and slap him girlishly. Tam sings and says, “Cut em up. That’s the only way they’ll listen. Cut em up. Oh I’m hurting. Take the pain away Tim, old pal.” Tim realizes what Tam has done. Tam says, “Made my point. Take away the pain. They’re coming to hurt me some more. Make them go away Tim old pal.” Tim responds, “I’ll protect you, Tam. There. There. No one’s going to hurt you. It’s almost morning. We’ll walk back to town. That’s what we’ll do. A nice long walk into the light.”

§ Comment David Elliot Brown is married to Claudia Brown, a German makeup artist who worked with Kevin Spacy on the film Beyond the Sea. They live in Eitorf, Germany.

§ Themes dismemberment, dominance, friendship, homosexuality, murder.

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