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Cronin, Harry Cornelius (American playwright, writer, teacher, December 12, 1935-____), “Dooley,”

a 90-minute drama in English, set in lavish hotel room, New York City, 1954,


; • © 1997 by Harry Cornelius Cronin; • in Harry Cornelius Cronin’s Dooley (Berkeley, California 94709, U.S.A.: The Author, 1997); • script/rights available from Harry Cronin, 2597 Virginia Street, Berkeley, California 94709, U.S.A., telephone (home) 510-548-8515x17, fax 510-548-7903, or e-mail croninrc@earthlink.net. Cited by Harry Cronin via ftp, November 23, 1997, and March 18, 2002; Cronin says,

§ Dramatis Personae Dr. Thomas Dooley (m), 30, a United States Navy officer; Carroll (m), 25, a sailor.

§ Synopsis “Dooley, lecturing in New York, picks up a young sailor named Carroll, later revealed as an agent for the U. S. Navy. They go to Dooley’s lavish hotel room. A dance of fear and seduction follows, in which Dooley attempts to seduce Carroll, despite his conflicted feelings. Dooley knows his Navy career will be over if his homosexuality is revealed, as sodomy is illegal. Carroll, on the other hand, openly responds to Dooley’s subtle invitations, hoping to get him to admit his homosexuality. The contest of sex and danger reveals Dooley’s innermost conflicts as well as the cruelty of the Navy’s attitude towards homosexuals.

§ Comment “The play portrays entrapment. Dr. Thomas Dooley was a United States Navy officer whose books on Vietnam—of which Deliver Us from Evil was the most famous—were published in the 1950s. He was one of the most popular men in America, a national hero. His books defined the American attitude that eventually led to the Vietnam War. Dooley, who was gay, became the object of entrapment by the Navy. • The play is performed without intermission. It has had several workshop readings, the most recent at First Stage in Hollywood.” • “American physician and author, b. St. Louis, Mo., grad. Univ. of Notre Dame, M.D. St. Louis Univ., 1953. In 1954, Dooley supervised the care and treatment of thousands of refugees from North Vietnam. He described this experience in Deliver Us from Evil (1956). To provide medical care in remote areas he helped organize the Medical International Corporation (MEDICO), which later became (1962) a service of CARE. His writings include The Edge of Tomorrow (1958) and The Night They Burned the Mountain (1960).”—Dooley, Thomas Anthony. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001, http://www.bartleby.com/65/do/, accessed April 30, 2002. • “Dr. America tells how as a religious person, Dooley, a Roman Catholic, was active homosexually in Catholic circles. He was, as said, also active homosexually as a military man. He made it—when still quite young—to New York and Chicago where, apparently, he did serious cruising. The focus of this book, however, isn’t on Dooley's homosexuality, nor is it on his personal life. It is primarily an examination of those clandestine government forces using the would-be doctor to prepare ordinary citizens for their foray into America's tragic, misguided involvement in Vietnam.”—Warren Arronchic, reviewing James T(erence). Fisher’s Dr. America: The Lives of Thomas A. Dooley, 1927-1961 (Amherst, Massachusetts, U.S.A.: University of Massachusetts Press, 1997), ISBN 1558491546, 304pp. • “But the U.S. Navy has a long history of extreme homophobia, which is a continuing insult to the large number of gays who have served so honorably. Forty years ago there was Lt. Thomas Dooley, a Navy doctor who became world famous for saving the lives of tens of thousands of Catholic war refugees from North Vietnam. Honored by the president, the pope and Time magazine for his heroic service, Dooley was quietly forced to resign from the Navy after its investigators learned that this celebrated patriot, referred to throughout the world as Dr. America and the American Albert Schweitzer, was homosexual. . . . Dooley had always performed his duties honorably. In order to ‘get’ Dooley, the Navy snoops broke the law on entrapment and set him up.”—Robert Scheer, The Navy Makes War On Its Own -- Jan. 20, 1998, http://www.robertscheer.com/1_natcolumn/98_columns/012098.htm, accessed April 30, 2002. • Research could include Thomas A. Dooley’s Doctor Tom Dooley; My Story (New York: Ariel Books, 1960, 151 pp.

§ Themes Dooley (Thomas Anthony Dooley, 1927-1961), don’t-ask-don’t-tell military policy, homosexuality, gays in the military, United States Navy.

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