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"Things in Store"

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Adams, Jeffrey (American playwright, bookseller, 1966- ), "Things in Store,"

a 23-minute comedy in English set in a bookstore in an airport, 1995,


© 1994 by Jeffrey Adams, script/rights available from Grimpenmire Press, 162 N. 17th Street, Springfield, OR 97477, telephone 541-747-1147, e-mail Cited by Toni Rakestraw, Grimpenmire Press, to present author via e-mail, January 16, 1996, and by Jeffrey Adams, telephone (work) 503-838-3786, (home): 503-838-3786, via e-mail, March 14, 1997; Adams says,

Dramatis Personae Barbara (f), shopper; Clerk (m), salesperson; Carol (f), airport cop; Brad (m), Barbara's boyfriend

Synopsis "Barbara, her flight delayed, wanders into the airport bookshop after spending a few interesting hours at the bar. She tries to strike up a conversation with the clerk there, but he is not interested. He is similarly not interested when she flirts with him. As he bends over to pick up a book, Barbara-on an impulse-pinches his backside. To her shock, he turns and deliberately slaps her then walks away to complete the transaction. Barbara, furious, calls in an airport cop who happens to be a friend of the clerk. Barbara suddenly finds herself as much under suspicion as her male fondlee and decides to deny everything. She becomes the focal point of the action, as the clerk and Carol (the cop) calmly discuss what to do next while turning a deaf ear to her claims that she never grabbed anybody. The clerk, however, is not willing to press charges, and it looks as if everything is going to be dropped when Brad, Barbara's boyfriend, who has also been spending time at an airport lounge, wanders onto the scene. Barbara is now quite desperate to get out of the store quickly. Brad however, is looking for a book, and in his booze-fogged mind has decided he doesn't like the clerk's attitude. The clerk, annoyed when Brad tries to pick a fight, calmly walks around the register and takes a fighter's stance opposite Barbara, his logic being she is the cause of all his torment so she should be the one to get knocked about. Brad attacks. Clerk overcomes him then demands Barbara admit what she has done and apologize to them both. When Barbara demands to know if the clerk considers himself some kind of one-man morality squad, the clerk calmly responds that he just would like 'to do things right for a change.' Barbara admits her wrong, then she and the clerk exchange some final words of truce and respect."

Comment Rakestraw says, "A fresh and funny look at a very hot topic."

Themes airport, bookstore, fight, gender equity, pickup, police, sexual abuse.

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