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"The Next Break"

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Sugarek, Trisha E. (Irish-French-American playwright, writer, director, actor, artist, 1941-____), “The Next Break,” a 40-minute comedy-drama in English in four scenes, set in Hollywood, 1990, 2m2f; • © 2003 by Trisha E. Sugarek; • in Trisha E. Sugarek’s The Next Break (Cibolo, Texas, U.S.A.: The Author, 2003); • script/rights available from Trisha E. Sugarek, 3812 Greenridge Drive, Cibolo, Texas 78108, U.S.A., e-mail trishsugar@aol.com, www.writeratplay.com, telephone (home) 210-269-6858, fax 830-627-0803. • Cited by Trisha E. Sugarek via ftp April 24, 2003; Sugarek says,

§ Dramatis Personae Louis (m), 25, actor, dark, handsome, brooding; Toby (m), 24, Jennifer's friend, moderately successful actor; Jennifer (f), 20, a successful model, new to acting; Patsy Melfi (f), 55, hardened professional casting director/producer.

§ Synopsis “A series of auditions and callbacks portray what three young, brash, talented actors endure to get their big break. Jennifer, new to acting, is really a successful model. Because of her looks, she obtains success and a studio contract without much effort and has difficulty adapting to the overnight whirlwind life in which she finds herself. Toby, her friend, is a moderately successful actor who is trying to do other parts but is smart enough to stick with what gets him jobs for the time being. Louis, dark, handsome and brooding, fights the Hollywood system and almost ruins his life. Patsy Melfi, the epitome of all casting directors/producers, is a hardened professional who for years has been in the business.

§ Comment “'The Next Break’ tells her the story of trained, talented actors working for possibly years in menial jobs while pursuing their dreams of a career in film and theatre with unflagging optimism despite daily disappointments and rejection. Louis, Toby, and Jennifer represent all the fine, new actors that Hollywood lures into heartbreak. • Four scenes in two sets: a stark audition room, an even more stark actor’s apartment. Set: simple pieces; one wall divides the room from a hallway. Costumes: simple street clothing. Production history: this one of the author's newest efforts; it is currently being developed into a full-length play. • Published playwright, Trisha Sugarek, began her acting career in Los Angeles. She worked in New Orleans as a commercial actor in television and radio. She went on to direct and write. Two of her newest full-length plays, Emma and the Lost Unicorn and The Guyer Girls, have been published by Bakers Plays in 2004. Consult www.writeratplay.com for other plays.”

§ Themes acting as a profession, heartbreak, Hollywood, machination, youthful aspirations.

See also Trisha E. Sugarek's

  • "Billie: The Scent of Magnolia, A Tribute to the Life of Billie Holiday," a 40-minute comedy-drama in English in five scenes, based upon the life of African-American, jazz singer, Billie Holiday, set in Balitmore, Harlem, and on tour with the big bands, 1928-1937, 1f
  • "Bobby and Eleanora," a 10-minute drama in English, set in an old lady's bedroom, 3:00 a.m., Tuesday, 2004, 1m1f
  • "Dear Mom," a 10-minute comedy-drama in English, set in a living room in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., late-morning, a spring day, 2005, 1m2f
  • "The Guyer Girls," a 40-minute comedy-drama in English in five scenes, set in Mama's kitchen, Tumwater, Washington, 7:30 a.m., spring, 1923, 4f
  • "Ivah, the Terrible," a 10-minute comedy in English, set in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, October 12, 1950, 3m1f
  • "La Verne and Jack," a 10-minute comedy in English, set in Tumwater, Washington, U.S.A., 1:00 a.m., Wednesday, April 3, 1920, 3f
  • "The Perfume Bottle," a 10-minute farce in two scenes in English, set in Tumwater, Washington, U.S.A., 2:00 p.m., Wednesday, June 17, 1920, and 7:00 a.m., Thursday, June 18, 1920, 3f
  • "The Waltz," a 10-minute comedy-drama in English, set in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., 10:00 p.m., Saturday, August 12, 1920, 1m1f
  • "Tiny Dancer," a 10-minute bare-stage drama in English, set in Port Hudson, Texas, U.S.A., 4:00 a.m., Saturday, September 21, 2003, 1f
  • "Training the Troops," a 10-minute comedy in three scenes in English, set in the American Midwest, 9:00 a.m., Tuesday, June 3, 2003, and 10:00 a.m., Thursday, June 5, 2003, 3m1f

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