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Three Bullets

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Sanders, DJ (American playwright, teacher, 1973-____), “Three Bullets,”

a 35-minute drama in English, set in the Richard’s bedroom, late evening, 1997,


  •  © 1997 by DJ Sanders;  •  script/rights available from DJ Sanders.  Web address with sample at
http://djsanders.fictioncity.com, e-mail djsanders@terra.es.  •  Cited by DJ Sanders via e-mail, December 22, 1998; Sanders says,

  §  Dramatis Personae “Douglas Richards (m), mid- to late-twenties, husband to Amanda; Amanda Richards (f), mid- to late-twenties), wife to Douglas, a psychiatrist; Cypher (m), mid- to late-twenties, ex-mental patient.

  §  Synopsis “Cypher—an ex-mental patient—holds a married couple—Douglas and Amanda Richards—hostage at gunpoint tied to chairs in their bedroom. Many questions are asked and answered in an odd game of baseball, which reveals that Amanda was Cypher’s psychiatrist in the Center and that Cypher knows a little too much about what Douglas did in high school.

  §  Comments “Did Cypher and Amanda have an affair in the Center? Did Douglas beat up Cypher in high school? Why does Cypher have a gun and three bullets? What does Cypher hope to achieve through this bastardized game of baseball? First presented under the title ‘Batter Up!’ in two workshop productions, ‘Three Bullets’ premiered as the second play in (In)tangible Objects—Three One-Acts Exploring the Darker Side of Humanity. ‘Three Bullets’ is an intense drama that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The director of the premiere described it as ‘Natural Born Killers’ on stage. Few shows can hold an audience’s attention from the second it begins till the second it ends. ‘Three Bullets’ guarantees no yawns from the audience. This show is not suitable for young audiences, as it contains adult language and adult situations.  •  ‘Three Bullets’ has had two productions
off-off-Broadway and another in upstate New York. With the assistance of the second cast, I reworked the script into a full-length play entitled Cypher: variations on therapy, sex, and baseball.  •  A theatre in Australia contacted me (I believe after viewing Small-Cast One-Act Guide Online) and requested ‘Three Bullets’ and consequently took the play to two festivals in Western Australia during the fall of 2000.”

  §  Themes guns, psychology, sex, violence.

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