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“Fitch Todd”

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Gold, Jeffrey Frederick (American playwright, screenwriter, filmmaker, film composer, 1968-____), “Fitch Todd,”

a 10-minute comedic tragedietta in English, set in a nicely but sparsely-appointed room, Rome, Italy, recent past,

2m1f; • © 2002 by Jeffrey Frederick Gold; in Jeffrey Gold’s Fitch Todd (Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.: Spoon Publishing House, 2002); • script/rights available from Spoon Publishing House, 333 South Laker Court, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102-2322, U.S.A., telephone (home/work/fax) 801-933-5359, e-mail gold@spoonpublishing.com, http://www.jeffreygold.com. • Cited by Jeffrey Gold, via ftp, November 20, 2002; Gold says,

§ Dramatis Personae Fitch Todd (m), 63, a bedridden composer; Earl Browning (m), 68, Fitch’s publisher, a distinguished looking, silver-haired gentleman (a cross between Colonel Sanders and Lenin); Meredith Todd (f), 50, Fitch’s wife.

§ Synopsis “Fitch Todd, a dried out composer, has lost all motivation to live; his publisher conspires to pull him out of his doldrums.

§ Comment “This play should be performed at a pace that accurately depicts the conversation of people who know each other intimately. • This play is staged in an ‘exaggerated’ room consisting of a trapezoid with the longest side facing the audience with inward sloping sides toward the back of the theatre, much like an European woodcut picture. • A bed. A pillow. A sheet. A chair. A small table. A vase. Some flowers. Drapes covering a window and a windowed door leading to a balcony. A bed rests prominently in the foreground against the wall on the left. Behind the drapes are French doors that lead to a balcony at the back of the stage. A little table supporting a vase of yellow flowers sits in the far right corner. A chair faces the bed at an angle. The door to the room is at stage left. • Read at the Salt Lake Acting Company on December 15, 2002. • In the comedic tragedietta, ‘Fitch Todd,’ a dried out composer, has lost all motivation to live; his publisher conspires to pull him out of his doldrums for entirely selfish reasons. ‘Fitch Todd’ received its first reading at the Salt Lake Acting Company Playwright's Group Christmas Reading on December 15, 2002. Joan Mullaney read Meredith Todd, Dan Larrinaga read Fitch Todd, and Kurt Proctor read Earl Browning. • “Playwright Jeffrey Gold's play ‘Fitch Todd’ has been selected for the Women In Theatre (WIT) Play Reading Series. The reading will take place on Monday, July 25, 2004, at 7:00 PM, at the North Hollywood Recreation Center, 11430 Chandler Blvd., North Hollywood 91601 (corner of Chandler and Tujunga). Please call the Women In Theatre hotline at 818.763.5222 for additional information. The play was originally scheduled to be read on June 27, 2004, but was replaced with a reading of Jeffrey Gold's play ‘Horst and Graben in the Context of the Unfinished Man.’”—e-mail press@indivisiblePR.com, July 23, 2004. • Research could include Jeffrey Gold’s “Percolation Theory,” a 30-minute comedy in English, set in a family home, 2002, 3m2f. • Press release received via e-mail June 8, 2005: “Award-winning playwright and screenwriter JEFFREY GOLD is the 2005 BEST OF STATE medal winner for Playwriting & Screenwriting. The award was among an impressive lineup of recipients in the arts & entertainment category of BEST OF STATE medal winners. The award ceremony will be broadcasted on KUTV Channel 4 television on June 18, 2005. In addition to the BEST OF STATE award in Playwriting and Screenwriting, Jeffrey Gold has won the 2002 CrossCurrents Culture Unlimited National Five and Dime Playwriting Competition, 2003 Boca Raton Theatre Guild Short Play Reading Festival, 2003 Ten by Ten in the Triangle Playwriting Competition (Finalist), 2004 Theatre Orange - Shorts in Winter series, 2003 Experiments In Ink V playwriting competition, was a Finalist in the 2004 Moondance Film Festival stageplay competitions, and won the Moondance Seahorse Award in the 2005 Moondance Film Festival stageplay competition, and was commissioned by the Plan-B Theater Company for the Playwriting SLAM in 2004. His plays include In the Pursuit of Svetla, Horst and Graben in the Context of the Unfinished Man, Fitch Todd, Horst and Graben at the Chateau Godot, Dedekind, Percolation Theory, Execution at Paradais Island, Candycane Hurricane, What Happens on Sundays?, Displacement: A Fish in Water Story, and he is currently working on two plays, Waisenhaus and The Unexpected Autobiography of Spressa Perlesi. Jeffey Gold attributes his success as a playwright to Salt Lake Acting Company's Playwrights Group headed by dramaturg and playwright Mike Dorrell and playwright-in-residence Julie Jensen, to the Sawtooth Writers Conferences founded by Playwrights Jeff Metcalf and David Kranes, and to many of Salt Lake's finest actors, Kurt Proctor, Dan Larrinaga, Brenda Sue Cowley, and others, who read his plays in workshops. "Having actors of such high caliber read one's plays is critical to the development of a playwright," says Jeffrey Gold. His first screenplay, Atlantic Summer, written in 1996 and produced in 2001 by Chasing the Sun Pictures, features Academy-Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Karen Black (The Great Gatsby, Five Easy Pieces), and has found a distributor. His screenplay, The Man from Peenemunde, was a finalist in the Sundance Institute/Alfred P. Sloan Foundation screenwriting fellowship competition. He is a writer, director, award-winning composer, and producer of other film productions, many of them produced under the Cambridge Films banner. Jeffrey Gold is on the faculty of Western Governors University and is also an adjunct professor at Salt Lake Community College where he teaches screenwriting and film, and was an instructor of screenwriting at the University of Utah's Academic Outreach/Continuing Education Lifelong Learning program. He was educated at the U.S. Naval Academy (Annapolis), the University of Utah, and at Cambridge University, England. For additional information about award-winning playwright Jeffrey Gold, please visit his official Website at http://www.jeffreygold.com.”

§ Themes author-publisher relationship, comedy, Chekov (Anton Pavlovich Chekov, Russian playwright, medical doctor, short story writer, 1860-1904), composition, death, love, motivation, persuasion, manipulation, tragedietta (little tragedy), will to live.


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