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Ladutke, Rachel Rubin (American playwright, director, 1967-____ ), “Prelude,”

a 10-minute comedy-drama in English, set in Western Connecticut, Sunday, July, 1946,


  •  © 1998 by Rachel Rubin Ladutke; • script/rights available from Rachel Rubin Ladutke, 30-27 41st Street, #2R, Astoria, New York 11103-3423, U.S.A., e-mail darling67@theatermail.net, http://www.cadvision.com/sdempsey/ladutke.htm, telephone (home) 212-875-7785, (work) 917-780-0664. • Cited by Rachel Rubin Ladutke, via ftp, July 7, 1998, and amended July 30, 1998; Ladutke says,

  §  Dramatis Personae Grace (f), 33, a bride-to-be; Molly (f), 12, Grace’s stepdaughter-to-be.

  §  Synopsis “It is 1946, and 33-year-old Grace is about to marry for the second time.  She shares her fears with her fiancé’s precocious 12-year-old daughter Molly. In the process, she and her soon-to-be-stepdaughter reach a new level of understanding.

  §  Comment “This is part of a full-length evening, entitled Grace Notes, which depicts Grace’s life over a period of fifty years and which premiered at the Gemini Theatre in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., in February, 2000, as one of the winners of the Pittsburgh New Plays Competition. Excerpts from Grace Notes appear in three anthologies published by Smith & Kraus. ‘Prelude’ also stands on its own and offers strong performance opportunities for both actors.”

  § Themes female bonding, marriage, precocity, stepmother-stepdaughter relationship.

See also Rachel Rubin Ladutke’s

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