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“On That Day”

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Osunkojo, Adeola Abiodun (Nigerian playwright, theatre student, 1986-____), “On That Day,”

a 15-minute drama in English, set in rural Nigeria, 10:00 p.m., 1986,

2f (+ 8 extras)

; • © 2004 by Adeola Abiodun Osunkojo; • in Adeola Abiodun Osunkojo’s On That Day (Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria: The Author, 2004); • script/rights available from 37, Ajakiaye Street, Onipetesi Estate, Mangoro, Lagos, Nigeria, or The Creative Arts Department of the University of Lagos, Akoka; contact Adeola Abiodun Osunkojo, P.O. Box 3334, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria, telephone (home) 234-0823670659, e-mail dedehush@yahoo.com. • Cited by Adeola Abiodun Osunkojo, via ftp, January 23, 2004; Osunkojo says,

§ Dramatis Personae Adure (f), 17, a beauty; Mother (f), 35, Adure’s mother; Friends (f extras), 19, Adure’s friends.

§ Synopsis “The Mother of Adure weeps over the death of her daughter. Her friend describes exactly what happened. After Adure’s forced circumcision, the friend had walked her home along the lonely bush path. The rapist emerges from the foliage and chases the girls. Adure,unable to run, fell prey, and the attacker raped her. The friend ran to Adure and asked her to avenge the evil done to her. Adure decides to write a play about the circumcision and rape, about the degradation of the female in Aftican society.

§ Comment “The play is about a 17-year-old girl who suffered rape after a painful circumcision. A flashback is done by her friend who was witness but couldn’t save her. She saw the rapist who was the man whom she is being forced to marry.

§ Themes abuse, African society, degradation, female circumcision, rape.

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