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Elvis and Eleanor

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Dunn, Mark (American playwright, 19__-____), "Elvis and Eleanor,"

a 60-minute drama in English set in New York City, 1991,


© 1991, 1997 by Mark Dunn;    in Mark Dunns Elvis and Eleanor (Pendleton, South Carolina, U.S.A.: Palmetto Play Service, 1991);    script/rights available from Palmetto Play Service, P.O. Box 123, Pendleton, South Carolina 29670-0123, U.S.A..    Cited by Mark Dunn via e-mail, March 28, 1997; Dunn says,

  §  Dramatis Personae Julie Garnell (f), an actress; Trudy Turman (f), Julies half-sister.

  §  SynopsisLadies and gentlemen, tonight the role of Eleanor Roosevelt, usually played by Julie Garnell, will be performed by Trudy Turman. When Trudy Turmans half-sister is unable to go on in her one-woman play, Eleanor, the Twilight Years, Trudy is asked to step inwith only one hours rehearsal. When it becomes obviousfairly quicklyto everyone that Trudy is not the actress that she led folks to believe, she decides to try to salvage the charity fund-raising event by entertaining the audience with the story of the night she spent with Elvis Presley. Trudy ends up revealing more about herself and her triumph over an abusive husband than she ever intended.

  §  Comment _____

  §  Themes acting, charity fund-raising, Eleanor (Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, first lady, social activist, writer, 1884-1962), Elvis (Elvis Aaron Presley aka The King, American singer and actor, 1935-1977).

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