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“Dark Snow

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Micci, Ronald, Ronald (American playwright, advertising proofreader-editor, 1948-____ ), “Dark Snow,”

a 5-minute, 10-minute, or 20-minute (see Comment below) melodrama in English set in the parlor of Aunt Lida’s home in the New York woods, 1997,


© 1996, 1997, script/rights available from Ronald Micci, 75 Vreeland Avenue, Rutherford, New Jersey 07070, U.S.A., email RMicci@mail.batesww.com. Cited by playwright via ftp June 11, 1997, amended via e-mail RMicci@mail.batesww.com, February 19, 1998; Micci says,

  § Dramatis Personae Sandra (f), Lida’s niece; Aunt Lida (f), Sandra’s maiden aunt.

  § Synopsis “‘Dark Snow: Evening’—Grappling with the demons of fear of intimacy, Sandra seeks solace in the arms of her maiden aunt in the wake of a harrowing sexual experience.

  § Synopsis “‘Dark Snow: Morning’—Sandra’s emergency visit to her aunt reveals triumph over the curse of frigidity.

  § Comment “There are five versions of this play:

(1) “Dark Snow, Monologue”—10 minutes long, tops. Aunt Lida recalls Sandra’s emergency late night visit, and shares the horror she felt upon learning Sandra had murdered her boyfriend in emotional self-defense, 1f.

(2) “Dark Snow,” original—5 minutes long. Interrogation of Sandra by Aunt Lida, building to the climactic admission that Sandra has murdered her boyfriend as an act of emotional self-defense, 2f.

(3) “Dark Snow, Evening”—10 minutes long.  Similar theme to the above, but richer and more poetic, with considerably more empathy between the two.  Same shattering climax, 2f.

(4) “Dark Snow, Morning”—10 minutes long.  Sandra reveals she has overcome her fears of intimacy and must leave Aunt Lida to return to her boyfriend. This adds the dimension of a heart-rending painful separation between the two women, 2f.

(5) “Dark Snow”—20 minutes long. This is the definitive version of ‘Dark Snow.’  It expands on the ‘Morning’ theme, complete with painful parting of the ways and with an explanation of what ensues between the two women in the aftermath of this late night encounter, 2f.

Earlier versions performed as part of the Turnip Theatre Company’s 2nd Annual 15-Minute Play Festival, Studio Theatre, February 1996; and at the Theatre-Studio on their ‘Playtime’ series, December ’96, May and June 1997.”

Addendum 020227: “Dark Snow (2f) (Definitive version: 20 min.)
A woman in her 30s, Sandra, pays an urgent late-night visit to her
maiden aunt to reveal that she has finally triumphed over her fear
of intimacy, and encounters jealousy and possessiveness. (There
are five versions of the play—Original; Morning; Evening;
Definitive Version; Monologue. In the Original, Evening and
Monologue versions, Sandra admits to having murdered her boyfriend,
being unable to overcome her fears of intimacy. In the Morning and
Definitive versions, she announces that she has overcome those fears
for the first time and consummated the relationship.)”
  § Themes aunt-niece relationship, frigidity, sexual abuse.
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