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Tragic and I’m Still Laughing

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Monteleone, John (American playwright, March 2, 1956-____), Tragic and I’m Still Laughing,

a bill of satirical monologs in English set in a park in a city, 1992,

1m (or more);

  •  © 1992 by John Monteleone;  •  script/rights available from John Monteleone, e-mail webmaster@hamptonswebdesign.com, P.O. Box 2723, Sag Harbor, New York 11963, telephone (home and work) 631-725-5251, Website www.johnmonteleone.com. Orders should specify preferred method of mail: (1) e-mail of an MS Word 6.0 document as an attached file, (2) regular mail.  •  Cited by playwright via ftp, July 9, 1997; Monteleone says,

  §  Dramatis Personae "See synopsis. Most of these monologues suit either a male or female. Some are gender specific.

  §  Synopsis (a) ‘Jim Cash’-a dysfunctional, collection agent, and with the use of his cellular phone, tries to collect from a man on unemployment whose wife is in a coma and whose teen daughter committed suicide, while coping with his own wife on the other line, who is at the hospital because their son has put a pencil in his penis and with their daughter who has just dyed her hair blue. (b) ‘Stargazer’ (m or f)-a gentle, wise, homeless person understands what it means to be connected to other people through the stars but cannot get anyone to fix his bum leg. (c) ‘Street Kid’-a kid with a toy gun wants to grow up to become either a Mafioso crime boss and get away with murder legally or a Marine who will ultimately drop the bomb. The kid does not have a real gun, yet! (d) ‘Homer’ (m)-a nuclear arms merchant prepares his hottest salesman to sell their latest technology to Ethiopia and other third world countries, he says, "They’ve seen the shopping malls, and they wanna go with us!" (e) ‘Democratic Convention’-a drunk homeless person is being thrown out of Madison Square Garden because the Democratic Convention is coming to town. (f) ‘That’s Why’-a homeless person, a bit insane, tries to figure out why people run away from each other. (g) ‘Unconditional Love’-an out of work actor seeking true love slips into the drawn outline on the street of a recent murder victim to explore the meaning and experience of unconditional love in his life. Is there any? (h) ‘Joan’-an old Jewish feminist learns that everyone really needs human liberation. (i) ‘Sodom and Gomorra’-a porn scout seeks young girls who come off a runaway bus and tries to con them into a life of prostitution and pornography. (j) ‘Blonde in a Bottle’-a homeless person, trying to understand why people put on masks, exposes the ultimate escape, American vanity.

  §  Comment This piece can be used for short one acts, longer one acts, a full length evening or for study. Each monologue is approximately 10 minutes long. Monteleone has ten one-act plays (all listed in this website) and can be ordered as one compilation or separately. . . .  •  ‘Monteleone demonstrates a convincing range in evoking 10 distinct characters. It’s a bravura dual performance. Both as a writer and actor, Monteleone's best work here reminds me of a gentler, though not kinder, Eric Bogosian.’-Newsday. . . . ‘Spellbinding. Brilliant. As each character touches you, the social commentary about life, gun control, homelessness, the wormen's movement, and simply the way people living on the fringe element of society are treated seeps into you almost unnoticed, until you have time to think about it during a (brief) costume change.’-Suffolk County News. . . .  •  He also has six full-length plays which have received either production or professional New York City readings, including two solo works. The full-length plays are Farmland (9m2f), Prisoners in Paradise (3m1f), The Lamp (2m2f), The Loonybin (22 characters, doubling possible), Diary of a Madman adapted from the Gogol (Russian writer, 1809-1852) classic (1m or 1f), and Tragic and I’m Still Laughing (10 characters for 1 or more actors, m or f)-it is listed on this website; please inquire for synopsis. He has also written four screenplays. All of Monteleone’s plays are innovative, challenging, offer interesting story lines, are ideal for the professional theatre and wonderful for colleges (many have been produced in academic theatre) and also for high schools that are not uptight!  • John Monteleone has received critical acclaim as both a playwright and actor, he is a graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts Graduate program, a member of the Dramatists Guild, Actors Equity, and The 42nd Street Workshop (a cooperative of writers, actors and directors developing new plays in New York City). He holds a BFA and MA, is an Artist-in-Residence and Professor of Drama at Dowling College, Oakdale, New York 11769. His review package is available upon request.

  §  Themes astrology, convention, feminism, fringe of society, gun control, handicapped, homelessness, insanity, love, Madison Square Garden, Mafia, mask, murder, nuclear arms, pornography, prostitution, sales, suicide, unemployment, vanity.

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