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"The Glover's Mange Cure Caper"

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Bottrell, Louise (American playwright, retired secretary, 1936-____), “The Glover’s Mange Cure Caper,” set in the family living room and in a general store, a Midwestern town, U.S.A., early fall, 1949,

a 25-minute youth comedy in English, set in a family living room and in a general store, a Midwestern town, U.S.A., early fall, 1949,


 •  © 2002 by Louise Bottrell;  •  in Louise Bottrell’s The Glover’s Mange Cure Caper (Walker, Minnesota, U.S.A.: The Author, 2002);  •  script/rights available from Roy C. Booth, P.O. Box 512, Bovey, Minnesota 55709, U.S.A., e-mail roycifer@yahoo.com; contact Louise Bottrell, P.O. Box 1163, Walker, Minnesota 56484, U.S.A., telephone (home) 218-547-2180, e-mail bottrell@djam.com.  •  Cited by Roy C. Booth, via ftp, February 13, 2003; Booth says,

  §  Dramatis Personae Mr. Hart (m), 42, the local general store owner; Darlene (f), 13, a precocious junior high student; Caroline (f), 13, Darlene’s best friend, a fellow student; Jennie (f), 10, Darlene’s little sister.

  §  Synopsis “Darlene and Caroline, two junior high students in 1949, use a ‘mange cure’ to remove dandruff in order to become more popular at school. Disaster results. Also, Mr. Hart's antic in the backyard with a steak in hand . . . .

  §  Comment “Four scenes, three in a basic living room, the other in Mr. Hart’s store (original production used a counter framed by a spotlight).  Basic pulled set. Special Requirements: 1949 costuming, hairstyles, make-up, props, and a few magazines.  •  Premiered by the Grand Rapids Players (Minnesota) in the fall of 2002 under the direction of Roy C. Booth. Performed at the Bigfork Village Hall, October 15, 2002; the Sawmill Inn (Grand Rapids), October 18, 19, Hill City High School, October 23; the Greenway Auditorium (Coleraine), October 24; and back at the Sawmill Inn, October 25, 26; an encore performance was given at the Myles Reif Arts Center (Grand Rapids) on November 30.”

  §  Themes adolescence, dandruff, disaster, mange, misunderstanding, nostrum, popularity, youth theatre.    

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