Farhoud, Abla (Lebanese/Québéçois Canadian playwright, 1945- ),“The Girls from the Five and Ten,” translated from the original French into English by Jill Mac Dougall (American translator of French into English, 1942- ),

a drama set in a small store in 1950s Quebec,

1m3f (2f 14-18; 1m and 1f play multiple bit roles),

© 1995 by Ubu Repertory Company, script in Plays by Women II (New York: Ubu Repertory Theatre Publications, 1995), rights available from Des Landes, Dickinson et Associés, 4171 Hampton, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4A 2L1. Cited by Jill Mac Dougall to present author via e-mail jxm52@psu.edu December 27, 1995, and postal mail 927 S. 6th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147, February 2, 1996; Mac Dougall says,

Synopsis “Building the family’s savings so they might return to their country confines two young immigrant women to their father's five-and-ten bazaar in a small town near Montreal. They pass the time by inventing games and dreaming of an improbable future. Periodically, passing clients remind them of their dismal present. The walls seem to close in on the sisters as they come to realize they will grow old in the store. They decide to burn it down.

Comment “An insightful look into the immigrant’s plight. English-language premiere at Ubu Repertory Theatre, New York City.”

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