Gallaire, Fatima (Algerian/French playwright, 19__- ), “Madame Bertin’s Testimony,” translated from the original French into English by Jill Mac Dougall (American translator of French into English, 1942- ),

a drama with ironic twists set in a French nursing home,

1m3f (lead role may be played by elderly man or woman; 5 other roles may be played by 2 or 3 women),

© 1995 by Ubu Repertory Theatre, script in Monologues (New York: Ubu Repertory Theatre Publications, 1995), rights available from Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques, Services de l’Etranger, 11 bis rue Ballu, 75009 Paris, France. Cited by Jill Mac Dougall to present author via e-mail December 27, 1995, and by postal mail 927 South 6th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147, telephone 215-336-9223; Mac Dougall says,

Synopsis “Mme. Bertin, resident in a French nursing home engages in a private ritual. Dressed elegantly, she fondles old photographs and muses about her marriage, her sexuality, her husband's sterility, and her suspicions of his pedophilia. The doctor or another resident periodically interrupt. She sends each away gruffly. Ultimately, Mme. Bertin discloses being M. Bertin dressed as his wife.

Comment “A tour de force for the actor, the double persona of Mme. Bertin embodies the symbiosis and intense relationship of a couple who have grown old together. English-language premiere at Ubu Repertory Theatre, New York City.”

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