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“The War of Virginia & Alabama”

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Moore, Dawson (American playwright, theatre professor, director, actor, 1970-____), “The War of Virginia & Alabama,”

a 15-minute comedy in English, set in an entry hall in the mythical American South, 2003,

1m2f ; © 2003 by Dawson Moore; • in Dawson Moore’s The War of Virginia & Alabama (Valdez, Alaska, U.S.A.: The Author, 2003); • script/rights available from Dawson Moore, P.O. Box 3505, Valdez, Alaska 99686-3505, U.S.A., telephone (home) 907-835-5325, e-mail dawson@dawsonmoore.com, http://www.dawsonmoore.com. • Cited by Dawson Moore, via ftp, September 4, 2004; Moore says,

§ Dramatis Personae Donald (m), 20, Virginia’s younger brother, Donald’s fiancé; Virginia (m), 28, Donald’s older domineering sister; Missy Sue (f), 15, Donald’s underage fiancée.

§ Synopsis “Donald is trying to sneak away to Alabama in the middle of the night with his fifteen-year-old girlfriend, Missy Sue. His domineering sister catches them, however, and proceeds to rip them apart. The siblings express their darkest thoughts in asides to the audience, but things get complicated when Missy Sue hears these asides, too, and wants to know whom they're talking to.

§ Comment “Single set, one scene. • Originally developed as a part of the Alaska Overnighters. "A darkly humorous, twisted tale of sibling rivalry—or perhaps love."—Catherine Stadem, Anchorage Daily News. • “Dawson Moore currently resides in Valdez, Alaska, where he works at Prince William Sound Community College. He coordinates the Last Frontier Theatre Conference and heads up their Associates in Arts degree in Theatre. He was born in upstate New York, but began working in theatre when he moved to Alaska in 1984. While attending East Anchorage High School, he worked on thirty-six productions in four years, often skipping school right up until rehearsals began. He then attended college at the University of Alaska Anchorage, one of the finest theatre programs in the Pacific Northwest. While winning awards for his acting in supporting roles, his focus shifted to directing. He directed the North American premiere of Seamus Heaney's The Cure at Troy, his production of John Guare's The Loveliest Afternoon of the Year won him a ‘best director’ award, and he was chosen as ‘best assistant director’ for his work on the Suzuki production of Richard 3. While still an undergraduate, he took over and ran the Alaskan Rough Theatre Company, directing the world premiere of P. Shane Mitchell's The End of the Road, Woody Allen's Play It Again, Sam and other productions. In 1994, Dawson began writing plays. He developed the plays ‘The Making of Eye Contact’ [2m1f], ‘Domestic Companion’ [2m1f], and ‘Sand & Granite On Liberty’ [2m1f] at UAA [as well as . . . ‘The Tie,’ 1m1f; ‘Love’s Lumberings Remembered’ 2m1f; ‘Diarrhea,’ 1m1f; ‘The Peach,’ 2m; ‘Your Stamp,’ 2m; ‘Happy Loving Couples Are a Thing of the Past,’ 2m1f; ‘Secret Stuffing,’ 2m2f,; ‘Living with the Savage,’ 2m2f]. In addition to his university productions, his plays were staged by local companies, including the Eccentric Theatre Company and TOAST. To date, his plays have been produced in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Alaska, Washington, and Virginia. In 2003 he had his international premiere when Bile in the Afterlife was produced in Bologne, Italy. He's won national awards for his short comedies ‘Bile in the Afterlife,’ ‘Domestic Companion,’ ‘In a Red Sea’ [1m3f] and ‘The Bus,’ 1m1f]. His full-length play LibidOff has gone up twice off-Broadway and had a five week run at the EXIT Theatre in San Francisco. He's currently negotiating the details of getting the play produced in Anchorge, Alaska. Dawson found his calling to work with new plays at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference. He presented his plays as part of their Play Lab for its first five years, placing fifth one year and earning the respect of the prestigious critiquing panel, which included Michael Warren Powell, Timothy Mason, William Hoffman, Ed Bullins, and many other notable figures of American Theatre. Mr. Powell offered him a membership in his New York Company, Circle East, and has staged several of his short plays in New York City. In 2001, he was awarded the conference's Patricia Neal Acting Award. In 2003, he came aboard the staff of the Prince William Sound Community College to help coordinate the Conference. In 2001, he formed Three Wise Monkeys Theatre Company with Richard Bernier and Aoise Stratford. The company is dedicated to producing new innovative plays by Bay Area writers. Since forming, they've produced the mini Short Leap Festival twice, three full-length productions, and produced and published the Bay One-Acts Festival twice. Despite now living in Valdez, Dawson remains co-artistic director in absentia. He also serves on the National Advisory Board of the Playwrights' Center of San Francisco.”—Dawson Moore: a biography, accessed September 11, 2003.

§ Themes American South, love, sibling.

See also Dawson Moore’s

  • "Bile in the Afterlife," a 35-minute comedy in English, set in the Egyptian afterlife, 3m1f
  • "Domestic Companion," a 25-minute farce in English, set in Lindsey's living room, 1999, 2m1f
  • "In a Red Sea," a 15-minute comedy in English, set in a therapist's apartment, 2001, 1m3f
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  • "The Tie" a 12-minute drama in English, set in a living room, evening, late on a weekend night, 1999, 1m1f

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