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The Star

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Dubois, Katherine (American playwright, 1958-____), “The Star,”

a 10-minute comedy in English, set in a living room, U.S.A., evening, 1998,

1m2f;  •  © 1998, by Katherine Dubois Reed,  •  script/rights available from Katherine Dubois Reed, 3185 17th Street Boulder, Colorado 80304-2617, U.S.A, telephone (home/work) 303-447-2553, e-mail thereeds@pcisys.net.   •  Cited by Katherine Dubois Reed, via postal mail, March 12, 1999; Dubois says,

 §  Dramatis Personae Jenny Miller (f), 15, daughter; Linda Miller (f), 41, mother; Donnie Greenwood (m), 20, a rock star.

 §  Synopsis “Linda arrives home after work, miffed that her editor has sprung a last-minute assignment on her as she was headed out the door. Worse, an assignment that’s beneath her stature as a serious journalist. She complains to her daughter Jenny, who half-listens half-sympathetically, until Linda mentions the assignment in question is an interview with Donnie Greenwood, a rock star Jenny idolizes. Jenny goes into a tizzy at the thought of Donnie Greenwood in her home; Linda tells her she can’t be present during the interview, but eventually relents and promises to let her answer the door. Jenny’s dismay is awakened anew when she discovers her mother plan to ask things about Donnie’s fame as a kind of social phenomenon, when any thinking person can the the obvious first questions is, what kind of car does he drive? Donnie arrives; Jenny goes into a near-swoon and bolts from the room. Donnie’s considerate manner raises Linda’s hopes that she can indeed discuss important issues with him, but alas, it soon becomes evident that Donnie is mostly surface. Linda gives up and conducts the kind of interview her daughter will love.

 §  Comment “Not technically difficult: no scene breaks or set changes, few props. Donnie is a small role. Premiered at the Denver Performing Arts Festival, Denver, Colorado, October, 1998.”

 §  Themes celebrity, fame, mother-daughter relationship, professionalism.

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