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“Station ‘Brief Encounter’”

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Katinskaya, Tatyana (Russian playwright, 19__-____), “Station ‘Brief Encounter,’” a drama in Russian,


 •  © ____ by Tatyana Katinskaya;  •  in Tatyana Katinskaya’s Station “Brief Encounter” (St. Petersburg, Russia: Author, ____);  •  script/rights available from the Kamernyi Theatre, Detskyi kamernyi teatr kukol (Children's chamber puppet theatre), Bazhova str., 9, Moscow, Russia, telephone 095-181-2044.  •  Cited February 5, 2002, via e-mail by Andrey Zinchuk, Blagodatnaja Street 30-58, 196105 St. Petersburg, Russia, e-mail zinchuk@mail.ru or zinchuk@zinchuk.nit.spb.ru, telephone (home) +7 (812) 294-5545, www.theatre.spb.ru, www.newdrama.org.  •  Zinchuk says,

  §  Dramatis Personae _____ (m), successful; _____ (f), lonely; _____ (f), _____.

  §  Synopsis “He is a very successful man, who, it would seem, has got everything he needs out of life: material well-being, a happy family, a prestigious contract with an American firm. She used to bewitch all the young men in the faculty, and was a remarkable artists’ muse under the name ‘Gala’, but today she is just a lonely woman. Then, when they were both young, there were some faint sparks of attraction between them which have now flared up unexpectedly and brightly. But during all the years they spent apart their lives filled up with all kinds of different things. And it is not so simple to ignore it all.”

  §  Comment Data for this citation was translated from Russian into English by Dr. Katharine Hodgson, Russian Department, School of Modern Languages, University of Exeter, Exeter EX4 4QH, England, telephone 01392 264309, fax 01392 264000, e-mail K.M.Hodgson@exeter.ac.uk.”—Synopses, http://www.theatre.spb.ru/newdrama/7_landsk/synopses.htm, accessed May 5, 2002.   •  Addresses of Andrey Zinchuk in St. Petersburg, Russia, are www.theatre.spb.ru and www.newdrama.org and 2:5030/106.31@FidoNet. For those who do not speak or write Russian, online translators offer great assistance. Translating Russian into English or English into Russian is possible for free through several Websites:

  • PROMT's Online Translator, http://www.translate.ru/eng/
  • foreignword.com, http://www.foreignword.com/
  • Free Online Translations, http://www.translation-guide.com/free_online_translations.htm
  • Zinchuk regularly communicates online with English-speaking theatre peers through free automatic translators.

      §  Themes courtship, family, happiness, long separation, muse, success.

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