Mitchell-Shiner, Matthew (American playwright, professional stage manager, actor, student, 1970- ), "Jay,"

a 45-minute fantasy-drama set in Jay's room in the Seabreeze Motel, 1996, and in a blank stage representing Medea's home,


c 1996 by Matthew Mitchell-Shiner, script/rights available from Matthew Mitchell-Shiner, 782 G Acacia Walk, Goleta, California 93117, telephone 805-685-9641. Cited to present author by Matthew Mitchell-Shiner via e-mail March 3, 1996; Mitchell-Shiner says,

Synopsis "Jay and Helen are spending the night before their marriage telling stories, dreaming, planning their life. When midnight rolls around, Helen hides in the bathroom. While she's showering, Emily, Jay's ex-wife, arrives to seek closure with Jay or to see if there is a last chance for him and her. After Jay and Emily argue, he sends her away and leaves for his own bachelor party. Helen is still showering. Emily sneaks back to confront Emily, ultimately strangling her. Jay returns, unaware of Helen's body in the bathroom. The plays transits into Euripide's Medea, with Emily/Medea leaving Jay/Jason broken.

Comment "One set and bare stage. Simple set needs. Workshopped at the University of California, Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A."

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