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Dempsey, Sandra (Canadian playwright, 1956-____), “Armagideon,” a 70-minute drama in English, set in the aunts’ home, in a militarized state, midday, tomorrow,


© 1996; script/rights available from Sandra Dempsey, 202-112 23rd Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2S 0J1, Canada, telephone (home) 403-228-0363, (work) 403-228-0363, fax 403-228-0363, e-mail sdempsey@cadvision.com, http://www.nucleus.com/~sdempsey/index.htm. Cited by Sandra Dempsey via ftp April 24, 1998; Dempsey says,

  §  Dramatis Personae Molly (f) elderly “aunt”; Violet (f) elderly “aunt”; Seanasy (m), 9-year-old ward.

  §  Comment “A mysterious, multi-layered and disturbing tale about two elderly ‘aunts’ Molly and Violet, their 9-year-old ward Seanasy, and their soldier ‘nephew’ Nathanial. All confront and seek to cope with the grim reality of living, surviving, amidst nuclear warfare. The ‘character’ of Seanasy is unseen and then dies; his body is partially seen.” An excerpt scene has been accepted for publication in the new Playwrights Canada Press book Dramatic Voices: Monologues and Scenes—Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, available September, 1998. “Armagideon” was a finalist in the 1998 Women’s Playwriting Festival, Perishable Theatre, Rhode Island, USA. It won an Honourable Mention in Theatre BC’s 1997 Canadian National Playwriting Competition. Also, it won the Alberta Playwriting Competition in 1996, and John Murrell workshopped it in Calgary in 1997. “The storyline, the characters, their situation draws you into the play. The situation is delicious and it keeps you off balance. It is strange, violent and nutty. Intriguing,” according to Sharon Pollock, D. D. Kugler, and Lise Ann Johnson, of the 29th Alberta Playwriting Competition Jury, 1996.”  •  “Sandra Dempsey, youngest of twelve Canadian Celts, Sandra was invited to participate in the 1997 4th International Women Playwrights Conference, Galway, Ireland. She presents dramatic ‘performance-readings’ of her plays at school and public engagements, and her plays have been excerpted in Barbie and Ken EH?, The Perfect Piece, Behind the Scenes, and Acting Skills for Life. Works-in-progess include the dramas: “Remembrance: BCAPT to Bomber Command” and “Wings of the Albatross”. Plays: Armagideon, Calgary, 1997; Dir: John Murrell. Enigma, SpringRites New Play Festival, Vancouver, 1989; Dir: Michael Fera. Blue Collar Blues, The Banff Centre, Alberta, 1983; Dir: Greg Tuck. D’ Arcy, Toronto Theatre Festival, 1981; Dir: Robert Rooney. Eight To Four, Lincoln Arts Centre, St. Catharines, Ontario, 1980; Dir: David Agro. Lock Up Your Daughters (adaptation), Niagara Arts Festival, St. Catharines, Ontario, 1979; Dir: R. Rooney. The Cuff ‘N’ Billy Show (formerly “Police Release Me!”), Brock Centre for the Arts, St. Catharines, Ontario, 1979; Dir: Robert Klein. Tartuffe (adaptation), Brock Centre for the Arts, 1979; Dir: Robert Rooney. That’ s No Lady, That’ s My Immigrant!, Brock Centre for the Arts, 1979; Dir: David Agro. Published Work “Wings of the Albatross” (play scene) in Taking the Stage, Playwrights Canada Press, 1995. “Dementia Picnic” (poetry), blue buffalo magazine, 1989. “Foreign Ex-Change” (fiction), High Profile magazine, 1986. “Later, Maybe” (poetry), blue buffalo magazine, 1988; Canadian Woman Studies, 1985. “Nightingale” (poetry), Canadian Woman Studies, 1985. “D’ Arcy”, CanPlay Series and Popular Performance Plays, Vol. II., Simon and Pierre, 1981. Awards 29th Alberta Playwriting Competition, Winner, 1995 (Armagideon) Alberta Achievement Award, 1988. Broadcloth International Playwriting Competition, Minneapolis, MN, Theatre-at-the-Foot-of-the-Mountain, Finalist, 1983 (Blue Collar Blues); Finalist, 1983 (Enigma). Theatre Ontario - Ontario Playwrights’ Showcase, Provincial Playwriting Competition, Finalist, 1980 (D’ Arcy). T.D. Boone/L.W. Smith Award, English Writing, 1973. Professional Affiliations APN (12 years on Board Executive); TWUC; International Centre for Women Playwrights; Young Alberta Book Society.”—PUC: Catalog, http://www.puc.ca/catalog/catalog.html, accessed November 18, 1998.

  §  Themes family, nuclear warfare, old age, survival.

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