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Barnes, David-Matthew (American playwright, director, writer, 1970-____), “Unrequited”

a 15-minute comedy-drama in English, set in a high school supply room, during a high school dance, 2001,


; • © 2001 by David-Matthew Barnes; • in David-Matthew Barnes’ Unrequited (Odessa, Texas, U.S.A.: Brooklyn Publishers, 2003); • script/rights available from Brooklyn Publishers, 1841 Cord Street, Odessa, Texas 79762, telephone 432-550-5532, toll free 888-473-8521, fax 432-368-0340, e-mail brookpublishing@aol.com, http://www.brookpub.com; contact playwright through DNPAC Productions, Attention: Nick A. Moreno, Literary Manager, 2221 West Giddings Street, Chicago, Illinois 60625, U.S.A., telephone 773-784-0344, fax 773-784-4530, e-mail nmoreno@davidmatthewbarnes.com; or, contact David-Matthew Barnes at www.davidmatthewbarnes.com. • Cited by Nick A. Moreno via e-mail April 5, 2001, February 26, 2004; Moreno says,

§ Dramatis Personae Mercury (f), 15, quirky, eccentric, somewhat introverted; Travis Emerson (m), 16, good looking, athletic, emotionally scarred.

§ Synopsis “At a high school dance, Mercury is locked in a supply room with the most popular guy in school, Travis Emerson. After confessing her crush, Mercury discovers that Travis is not the perfect person that she thought he was.

§ Comment “Mercury has a unique style that is all her own. She dresses outrageously, and her hair is often streaked with a variety of colors. With all-American good looks, Travis is the star athlete of his high school. Despite his image of being ‘the perfect guy,’ he suffers from deep emotional issues. • Premiered at The Creative Place Theatre. • A wonderful play for high schools and youth groups. ” • Could pair with Lewis W. Heniford’s " An Odious Damnéd Lie ," a comedy-drama in English, 1m1f. • “David-Matthew Barnes is the author of ten one-act plays and eight full-length plays. His plays and monologues have received over two hundred performances in community theatres, high schools, colleges, theatre festivals, and competitions across the United States and internationally in South Africa, Brazil, Taiwan, Italy, England, and Western Australia. Since its world premiere in 1995, Are You All Right In There? has been produced over forty times and performed in three languages. His stage play Unrequited was recently nominated for the prestigious Samuel French Festival 2003 by producing company Love Creek Productions. That same company selected four of Mr. Barnes’ one-act plays, False Hopes, I Ate Lunch Alone Today, Number 76 and Unrequited for Equity showcase productions, with all four plays receiving New York premieres at The John Houseman Studio Theatre and The Creative Place Theatre. Mr. Barnes is also the recipient of the Elly Award for Best Original Script for his AIDS-related teen drama Somebody’s Baby. Excerpts from Mr. Barnes’ stage plays have been featured in The Best Stage Scenes of 1999, The Best Stage Scenes of 2000, The Best Women’s Stage Monologues of 1999, The Best Women’s Stage Monologues of 2000, The Best Men’s Stage Monologues of 1999, The Best Men’s Stage Monologues of 2000, The Best Women’s Stage Monologues of 2002, and The Comfusion Review. His short stories, poetry, and creative nonfiction have appeared in over fifty literary journals and anthologies. In 2001, Mr. Barnes received an Honorable Mention in the national Writer’s Digest Writing Competition for his personal essay, 'Just Before the Drop,' which explores domestic violence in gay relationships. His bittersweet 'And I Loved a Soldier' is featured in Rite of Passage: Backpacking ‘Round Europe, published by Lonely Planet. His tell-all poetry collection, Sins of The Flesh, is published by Word Riot Press.”—Playscripts, Inc. - David-Matthew Barnes, http://www.playscripts.com/author.php3?authorid=143, accessed July 12, 2003.

§ Themes confession, hiding, high school, hometown, peer pressure, reputation, superficiality, teen, young adulthood.

See also David-Matthew Barnes’
  • "Are You All Right in There?," a 23-minute teenage comedy-drama in English, set in the upstairs master bathroom of an American home, almost midnight, Friday, in spring, 1995, 1m2f
  • "Baby in the Basement," a 15-minute drama in English, set in the basement of an old, abandoned warehouse in an unnamed American city, a night in March, present, 1m1f
  • "Clean," a 15-minute comedy-drama in English, set at a bus stop in Beverly Hills, California, U.S.A., a Wednesday afternoon, 2002, 2f
  • "False Hopes," a 20-minute drama in English, set in the break room of a corporate office, 2001, 3f
  • "Hour Glass," a 20-minute drama in English, set in the formal dining room of the Caulwells' home, somewhere in Connecticut, U.S.A., Saturday evening, on the brink of spring, present, 1m1f
  • "I Ate Lunch Alone Today," a 25-minute comedy-drama in English, set in a modest one-bedroom apartment, New York City, April, 2002, 2m2f
  • "Number 76," a 10-minute teenage Latino drama in English, set on a bus stop on a city street in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., a Sunday night in the middle of October, 1999, 1m1f
  • "Stronger Than This," a 20-minute drama in English, set in a modest apartment in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., a rainy night in March, present, 2m1f
  • "Threnody," a 23-minute drama in English, set in a farm house in Central California, summer, 1989, 1m1f
  • "Wendy's Hurricane," a 15-minute drama in English, set in a studio apartment near a university in the city of Chicago, middle of January, present, 1m1f


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