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Turner, Brian (New Zealand playwright, 1936- ), "Magpies,"

a 35-minute drama in English set in any large city,

1m1f ,

© 1990 by Brian Turner, script/rights available from Brian Turner, 26 Beach Road, Te Horo 6470, New Zealand, e-mail b.turner@actrix.gen.nz, telephone (home, NZ) 06-364-3466, (work) 06-364-3466. Cited to present author by playwright via ftp, May 31, 1997; Turner says,

  §  Dramatis Personae Briony (f), 25-40; Dan (m), 25-40

  §  Synopsis "Five scenes in a relationship include: (1) The first meeting at the opening of a picture exhibition. (2) The rendevouz at a high class restaurant. (3) The post-coital scene. Morning after the first time. (4) At the interval of a concert of music by Mozart. (5) The argument and decision to part.

  §  Comment "The play is called 'Magpies' because the two characters who are arty-farty pretentous peck away at each other. There are moments of humour. The play is managed quite easily with a couple of chairs and a small table. Fade downs with the characters freezing during set changes are better than blackouts. Produced by Stagecraft theatre 1990, dir Sambrene Chandler. The production won two best play awards in one act festivals and won a best director award. There are 3 related plays - 'Peace', 'Clownes' and 'Earwigs' which create a full evening when all produced together."

  §  Themes coitus, exhibition, first encounter, Mozart, parting, pretention, rendezvous, restaurant.

See also Brian Turner's:
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