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Live from [insert your town here]!

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Stemple, Beth Campbell (American free lance writer, playwright, 1962-____), “Live from [insert your town here]!”

an 8-minute comedy sketch in English, set on a theater stage, 1995,

1m1f (male 30-40ish, female 30-40ish + male voice 30-40ish);

  •  © 1995 by Beth Campbell Stemple;  •  script/rights available from Beth Campbell Stemple at saltybeth@earthlink.net; sample of text available at http://home.earthlink.net/~saltybeth/main.htm. Cited by Beth Campbell Stemple via e-mail, June12, 1996; Stemple says,

  §  Dramatis Personae _______ (m), Zack’s brother; _______ (f), Zack’s fiancée.

  §  Synopsis “Zack’s brother and fiancée meet each other on a theater stage, both intending to find Zack there. While the future in-laws bicker as expected, Zack forces them to find common ground.

  §  Comment “An homage to Saturday Night Live and A Chorus Line, this sketch is set up like A Chorus Line in that Zack is on loudspeaker with a spotlight on the two lead characters, Cathy and Paul. From there, the bickering turns to a competition on who can do more Saturday Night Live characters. There are no props or special costumes. The sketch is designed as the opener for an evening of sketch comedy called Faces of Excess, a ribald review of sex, drugs, and rock & roll. This sketch makes the point that few SNL skits have endings. Performers’ Co-op, New London, Connecticut, U.S.A., developed this play in 1996 for the show Faces of Excess.”

  §  Themes _____, _____.

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