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“Icy Waters”

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Calman, Craig D. (American playwright, writer, actor, 1953-____), “Icy Waters,”

a 30-minute tragicomedy in English, set in a city park, high noon,


  •  © 1980 by Craig D. Calman;  •  in Craig D. Calman’s Icy Waters (Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.: The Author, 1980);  •  script/rights available from Craig Calman, 6632 Lexington Avenue #77, Los Angeles, California  90038, U.S.A., e-mail craigcalman@earthlink.net, telephone (home) 323-906-8886, (work) 323-906-8886, fax 323-906-8886, http://home.earthlink.net/~craigcalman.  •  Cited by Craig D. Calman via ftp July 4, 2002; Calman says,

  §  Dramatis Personae Mr. Lipinsky (m), an old man in a wheelchair; Nurse (f), 35-75, his bizarre Genet-reading caregiver.

  §  Synopsis “A nasty, comical lunch shared by a dirty old man in a wheelchair and his bizarre Genet-reading Nurse.  They taunt one another and love one another and play power games with one another in humorous and horrifying ways.

  §  Comment “Simple park bench setting. Mr. Lipinsky and Nurse share a lunch including hard-boiled eggs and nuts; there’s a slapstick scene in which Nurse needs to crack her walnuts without a nutcracker because Mr. Lipinsky has pocketed it.  •  Audiences love this play. It requires two skilled actors adept at comedy and tragedy. Excellent roles for older actors. The old man is, indeed, an old man, the older the better.  •  As I am fluent in Spanish, play can be translated into Spanish by author.”  •  Research could include Jean Genet's The Balcony, translated by Bernard Frechtman (New York: Grove/Atlantic, Incorporated, 1988), ISBN 0802150349, 112 pp.

  §  Themes The Balcony (1956; English translation, 1957), dirty old man, Genet (Jean Genet, French novelist and playwright, orphan, thief, homosexual, prisoner, December 19, 1910-April 15, 1986), lunch, nurse-patient relationship, power game, sex game, sexual repression, shame, wheelchair.

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