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“Imperial Impetus Impeded”

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Dubois, Katherine (aka Katherine Dubois Reed, Aka Katherine Dubois Reed, American playwright, actress, 1958-____), “Imperial Impetus Impeded,”

a 10-minute comedy in English, set in Malmaison, morning, Tuesday, June 18,


; • © 2002 by Katherine Dubois Reed; • in Katherine Dubois Reed’s Imperial Impetus Impeded (Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.: The Author, 2002); • script/rights available from Katherine Dubois Reed, 3185 17th Street, Boulder, Colorado 80304, U.S.A., e-mail thereeds@pcisys.net, telephone, (home) 303-447-2553. • Cited by Katherine Dubois Reed via ftp January 6, 2005; Dubois says,

§ Dramatis Personae Napoleon (m), 46, emperor; Joséphine (f), 50, his wife.

§ Synopsis “Napoleon’s big plans for the day didn’t include spending time with his wife Joséphine, and he bristles when she tries to detain him. She wheedles; he scolds. She criticizes his self-importance; he condemns her pleasure-seeking. She insists she only wants what’s best for him; he retorts she is obstructing him. Everything seems to be conspiring against him, even the lintel of the low doorway on which he repeatedly hits his head.

§ Comment “Will he ever break free of the forces that oppose him and grasp his destiny?” • Joséphine biography: “Born Marie Rose Joséphine Tascher de la Pagerie, Joséphine became a noted Parisian socialite after marrying Alexandre de Beauharnais. She survived both the execution of her husband and imprisonment during the French Revolution to marry Napoleon Bonaparte, a promising general whose rise soon made her Empress of France. She died, still popular with the public, in 1814.”—Joséphine de Beauharnais – Empress Joséphine of France, http://europeanhistory.about.com/od/beauharnaisjosephinede/, accessed January 18, 2005. • Joséphine “came from Martinique to France to marry general Alexandre de Beauharnais in 1779. He was executed in 1794 and she almost met the same fate. Just before she was executed the terror came to an end. In 1796 she married Napoleon Bonaparte and she became empress at the side of her husband in 1804. Napoleon had adopted her son Eugène and her daughter Hortense, but in 1810 he divorced her because she couldn't bear him any children. During their marriage she had affairs with other men like Joachim Murat and Hippolyte Charles, an army officer. After the divorce she lived at Malmaison. When she died in 1814 she was buried not far from there, at the St. Pierre and St. Paul church in Rueil.”—About.com . . ., http://europeanhistory.about.com/, accessed January 18, 2005.

§ Themes biography, France, history, marriage, Napoleon (aka Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French, 1769-1821), Joséphine (born Marie Rose Joséphine Tascher de la Pagerie, Empress Joséphine of France, Jun 23, 1763-May 29, 1814), Malmaison.

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