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“Before the Start of the Show”

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Andrey Zinchuk, 2000

Zinchuk, Andrey (Russian playwright, 1951-____), “Before the Start of the Show,”

a 30-minute comedy in Russian, set in a cinema, S.-Petersburg, Russia, evening, 2000,


  •  © 2000 by Andrey Zinchuk;  •  script/rights in English or Russian available from Andrey Zinchuk, Blagodatnaja Street 30-58, 196105 S.-Petersburg, Russia, e-mail zinchuk@mail.ru, telephone (home) +7 (812) 294-5545, www.theatre.spb.ru/newdrama.  •  Cited by Andrey Zinchuk, via ftp October 13, 2000; Zinchuk says,

  §  Dramatis Personae Simon (m), young lover; Larisa (f), fiance.

  §  Synopsis “The young pair attend a cinema before their wedding and evaluate their mutual feelings.

  §  Comment The Story of a Small Love is a bill of three short one-act comedies, connected by a theme that is subtle yet plausible, otherwise known as life. In the first of these (‘Before the Start of the Show ’), we encounter the characters’ youth. In the second one (‘Occurrence in a Swimming Pool ’), we encounter their mature selves. One might assume that the third and concluding part of this love story shows us their old age, but this isn’t the case: in the comedy ‘When I Was Grown Up,’ we see the carefree days of childhood. The comedies can be performed together or separately. One of the female roles is for a starring actress.  •  ‘Before the Start of the Show’ has had many performances in small theatres and clubs. I have only one play in English, ‘Come On, Kitten!’ a play for children, translated by O. Zhivago, written twenty years ago but still appearing in Russian theatres.”  •  See an essay by Zinchuk on current theatre in St. Petersburg.  •  See an account of Zinchuk hosting The Lark Theatre Company on its trip to St. Petersburg, April-May, 2000.

  §  Themes cinema, love, romance, wedding jitters.

See also Andrey Zinchuk’s plays for children listed at http://www.theatre.spb.ru/newdrama/eng_play.htm.

  • "Come on, Kitten!" translated from Russian into English by O. Zhivago (Zinchuk’s only play in English as of May, 22, 2002)
  • "On foul good luck and good misfortune, love, a journey and fresh breeze (Kid)"
  • "Green Marabu"
  • "Saga of sorceress Louhi and miraculous mill Sampo"
  • "With Magic Pleasure!"
  • "Granny-mushroom or a bit of magics"
  • "The 31 of December"
  •  "A plank over a pool (Fairy tale about Thursday)"
  • "The game of DOOM"


    Andrey Zinchuk, 2001

      •  Addresses of Andrey Zinchuk in St. Petersburg, Russia, are www.theatre.spb.ru and www.newdrama.org and 2:5030/106.31@FidoNet. For those who do not speak or write Russian, online translators offer great assistance. Translating Russian into English or English into Russian is possible for free through several Websites:

  • PROMT's Online Translator, http://www.translate.ru/eng/
  • foreignword.com, http://www.foreignword.com/
  • Free Online Translations, http://www.translation-guide.com/free_online_translations.htm
  • Zinchuk regularly communicates online with English-speaking theatre peers through free automatic translators.


    Zinchuk Andrey, born 1951.
    In 1986 graduated as a screenwriter from All-Union institute of Cine (VGIK).
    Since 1997 Soyuz of the writers of St.-Petersburg.
    Currently lab manager of the Russian Institute of History of Arts (Isaakievslaja area, house 5)
    www.theatre.spb.ru/newdrama/, www.artcenter.ru, 2:5030/106.31@FidoNet

    Performances of Shows

    “Old Vorona,” performance, 1974. Theare club Saturday, producer Semen Spivak;
    “A Song about Sampo,” performance, 1978. Petrozavodsk Theatre of Dolls, producer Veniamin Sovetov;
    “Come on, Kitten!” performance, 1979. Theatre club Saturday, producer Galina Romanovskaia;
    “Come on, Kitten!” performance, 1981. Shevchenko Theatre of Dolls, producer Oleg Karner;
    “Before the start of the show,” performance, 1983. Statement of the All-Union Theatrical Society, producer Irina Struchrova;
    “Old Vorona,” performance, 1987. Private Theatricals, producer Vladimir Massalski;
     “The Anonymous circular,” performance, 1989. University Theatre, producer Mihail Frolov;
    “Come on, Kitten!” performance, 1989. The Vyborg Folk Theatre, producer Larisa Ignatenko;
    “Come on, Kitten!” musical, 1989. “Theatre on Poklonnoi,” composer Evgenia Zaritska, producer Vladimir Glazkov;
    “Before the Start of the Show,” performance, 1990. Theatre Tref, producer Vladimir Markov;
    “The Anonymous Circular,” performance, 1990. Institute of Culture, faculty producers, producer ?. Kanavin;
    “Come on, Kitten!” performance, 1993. Cherkassi, cities, producer Oleg Karner;
    “Dandelion,” a fairy tale, radio performance, 1993. With ??, one program of the Petersburg wireless, “An Island of the Rabbits,” carrying on Sergei Mahotin;
    “Come on, Kitten!” performance, 1993, Krivoi rog, producer Oleg Karner;
    “Has Not Found Out!” 1994. Performance for one course of the Producers of Institute of Culture, producer ? Bodeu;
    “With Magic Pleasure,” 1995, studio Unta, in the city of Oranienbaum, producer Alexandr Bichkov;
    “Come on, Kitten!” 1997, performance of children's ??????????-drama theatre on Landskom, a highway, producer Natali Evstratova;
    “The Petersburg Fairy Tales,” (“Very Much,” “The Elephants on Mineral Pitch,” “Rain”) 1997, radio performance, maiden program of the Petersburg wireless, producer Zoja Davidova;
    “A Lengthy, :Lengthy Road,” 2000, performance at a House of Culture for the settlement New Light, producer Larisa Ureva

    Acting Roles

    “The Anonymous ccircular,” 1990. A festival of modern dramatic art in Moscow, producer Vladimir Funtusov;
    “A History of Small Love,” 1991, Theatre Experiment, producer Vladimir Funtusov;
    “The Pavor Is a Soft Weapon,” 1992, Theatre Experiment, producer Vladimir Funtusov;
    “Once; or Planet Russian,” a small scene of theatre by him (it). Lensoveta, October, 1998, producer Oleg Levakov;
    “The Kid and Mum,” 1998, Theatre Komedianti, producer Mihail Levshin;
    “On December 31,” 1998, theatre The Baltic House, producer Leonid Kudriashov;
    “The Game in DOOM,” seminar of the Petersburg dramatic art in ????? Lahti, Finland, producer Andrey Chumak. May, 1999.


    “Round-the-World Ttravel,” a fairy tale, 1981. The log-book Kolobok;
    “Come on, Kitten!” a play, 1981, issued by the Society of Guards of the Copyrights;
    “Kid,” a play, 1982. ????????????? of Culture USSR;
    “. . . To be well dressed and to not have the debts,” a film script, 1987. The almanac Film Scripts;
    “To be silent,” a film script, 1987. The collection of film scripts Beginning;
    “I Do Not Want to be the Poor Schoolboy!” a story, 1988. Leningrad, from The Soviet Writer, fantasy collection “Day of Victory”;
    “Incident in Basin,” a play, 1989. Soviet Russia. The anthology One-akt Play of the Playwrights of Leningrad;
    “Returning of Hope,” a play, 1990. The Society of Guards of the Copyrights;
    “Visitors,” “Rack,” “Letter,” “The Man with a Tack,” “Without the Attestors,” short stories, 1990. The newspaper Evening Leningrad;
    “The Elephants on Mineral Pitch,” a fairy tale, 1991. newspaper Evening Leningrad;
    “The Man with a Tack,” a fairy tale, 1991. The log-book Fantakrim-Mega, Minsk;
    “The Elephants on Mineral Pitch,” 1991, a booklet, publishing house ???? Press;
    “Tundra Forgot,” a story, 1992. In the anthology Hours with Versions, from Liceum;
    “Very much,” a fairy tale, 1994. The newspaper of First International Festival of Puppet Theaters, The Neva Pierrot;
    “On December 31,” a fairy tale for adult children, 1996, anthology Landskrona;
    “Because I Have Taken You in a Film!” a story, 1996, anthology Landskrona;
    “Come on, Kitten!” “The Anonymous Circular,” “A History of Small Love,” 1997, CD, “the Library of the Texts and Fine Arts” (Text collection by Harry Fan, version 1.0), Kiev;
    “The Anonymous Circular,” “With Magic Pleasure!” 1997, anthology Landskrona, featuring plays for rather poor theatres”;
    “The Game in DOOM,” 1997, log-book Postscript;
     “Biography,” “Without the Attestors,” “City in the Evening,” “Visitors,” stories, 1997, in the newspaper Evening St. Petersburg;
    “The Third Arm of Mankind,” an article, log-book Theatre Life, NN 5-6, 1998;
    “Come on, Kitten! And others . . . ,” a fairy tale for theatre. The anthology of plays for children’s theatre on the Internet (www.theatre.spb.ru/newdrama/ and www.nit.spb.su/koi8.books/index.htm);
    “The Game in DOOM,” almanac Landskrona, “New Petersburg Dramatic Art,” 1998;
    “Poor U.,” “The Man with a Tack,” “How to Stop Loving the Woman?” anthology of modern Petersburg prose On the Neva Draught, publishing house The Petersburg Writer, 1998;
    “On December 31,” a play, Department of Culture of Russia. December, 1999;
    “A View on Perpetuity,” “Twelve writers of the Petersburg almanac Landskrona,
    Articles, almanac The Baltic Seasons, 2000, no. 1,
    “A History of Small Love,” 2000, almanac Landskrona,
    “Comedy,” joint publication of Little House of Dramatists and Russian Institute of a History of Arts;
    “Independent Association of the Petersburg Writers,” article for The Lark Theatre Company (New York), 2000, http://www.larktheatre.org/Russia%20Project.html;
    “?????.exe,” article, almanac The Baltic Seasons, 2000, no. 2;
    “A Small Board Through a Large Pool,” a play (piece), almanac The Baltic Seasons, 2000, no. 2;


    After Glory, a filmscript, 1985. for film studio Lenfilm;
    Be Afraid of Red with Whiskers, a movie (1 part) 1987. Studio of Popular-Science Films, producer Evgenii Aksenov.


    In May, 1999, received a funds grant from Soros (“The Opened Society”) to establish a Website, www.theatre.spb.ru.
    Chief of the publishing program Landskrona at the Independent Association of the Petersburg Writers, Little House of Dramatists.

    The Landskrona Program

    The publishing program Landskrona  is named for the Swedish settlement before modern St. Petersburg. The program is regarded as the best model of Petersburg literature, in both multimedia and cyberspace. Three anthologies from this serial were issued after having been exhausted conventionally:

    The Petersburg Writers of the End of Century;
    The Plays for Rather Poor Theatres;
    New Petersburg Dramatic Art;
    Seven Plays with Exotic Destiny, the fourth anthology in this series, exists only in electronic format on the Internet.
    Comedy, fifth anthology, the anthology of children’s plays.
    The almanac of arts The Baltic Seasons (characters and initiators) is founded.
    The anthology of plays for children “Come on, Kitten! “And Others . . . ,” a fairy tale for theatre, exists today only on the Internet.
    The anthology of stories of the Petersburg writers On the Neva Draught, issued for the first time in ten years! A copublication of Landskrona and of The Soviet Writer.
    A work on the book by the producer V.S. Golikov shortly will appear in the library of Little House of Dramatists.
    The electronic version of the book of the producer of m____ has appeared. ?. Sulimova.
    The electronic version of the producer N.V. Demidov’s book; Demidov is a teacher of Mihail Chehov.
    In the near future, the quarterly publication of the following:
    The three-volume collected works of the producer N.V.Demidov.
    Iissue of the anthology of the Petersburg poets.
    Tentative issue on CD of the books on theatre and modern Petersburg literature.
    Possibly publish in-depth information about the Landskrona program on www.theatre.spb.ru/newdrama/.

    Zinchuk Andrey
    196105, St.-Petersburg,
    Beneficial Street 30, Flat 58
    home telephone 812-294-5545

    This Website continues under construction and welcomes new citations and comments.

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