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Atlantic Crossing

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Embler, Jeffrey B. (American playwright, social services specialist, 1933-____), "Atlantic Crossing,"

a drama set in the lower deck of the S. S. Heavenly Rose, 1938


  •  © 1993 by Jeffrey B. Embler;  •  in Jeffrey B. Embler’s Atlantic Crossing (Springfield, Oregon, U.S.A.: Grimpenmire Press, 1993), __ pp.;  •  also, in Jeffrey B. Embler’s Lanterns for the Journey (Springfield, Oregon, U.S.A.: Grimpenmire Press, 1995), __ pp., containing “Atlantic Crossing,” “The Legacy,” and “Stealing Dreams”;  •  script/rights available from Jeffrey B. Embler, 17831 N. E. Pacific Street, Portland, Oregon 97230-6542, U.S.A., embler@hevanet.com.  •  Cited by Toni Rakestraw via e-mail Dabblmom@aol.com, January 16, 1996; Rakestraw says,

  §  Dramatis Personae _____ (m), budding writer’s idol; _____ (f), budding writer.

  §  Synopsis “A budding writer meets her idol as he is contemplating his fate. Should he give up writing and maybe throw himself overboard along with his words? The two characters are passionate in their beliefs, and end up with the young writer going off to seek her fortune with writing, while her idol is reinspired as his Muse returns.”—Rakestraw.

  §  Comment “A very sweet, simple play that invokes a memory of times past.”—Rakestraw.  •  “In 1997, I received an e-mail from Toni Rakestraw, owner of Grimpenmire Press, that the company went out of business and all royalty contracts for the plays were cancelled.  I am at present looking for another company to consider publishing these plays.”—Jeffrey B. Embler, e-mail September 5, 2001.  •  Research could include Ferde Grofé’s (1892-1972) Atlantic Crossing, a sound recording, narrated by Anton Dolin and Ethel Le Vane, with the George Mitchell Choir and New Symphony Orchestra, the composer conducting, 28 minutes, program notes by Edward Applebaum on slipcase.

  §  Themes abandonment, desertion, destiny, fate, idol, inspiration, muse, suicide, writer.

See also Jeffrey B. Embler’s

  • "The Legacy," a drama in English, 2m1f
  • "Stealing Dreams," a drama in English, 2m2f


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