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“The Serpent's Fall”

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Cathcart, Sarah (Australian playwright, director, actress, 1958-____), and Andrea Lemon (Australian playwright, writer, director, dramaturg, 19__-____), “The Serpent’s Fall,”

a young adult 70-minute comedy-drama in English, set in Australia, 1987,


; •  © 1987 by Sarah Cathcart and Andrea Lemon; •  in Phil Motherwell, Sarah Cathcart, and Andrea Lemon’s Steal Away Home and The Serpent’s Fall, Current Theatre Series (Strawberry Hills, New South Wales, Australia: Currency Press in association with Playbox Theatre, 1988), ISBN 0868192015, 43 pp., containing Phil Motherwell’s (1947-____)“Steal Away Home” and Sarah Cathcart and Andrea Lemon’s “The Serpent’s Fall” ;  •  script/rights available from Currency Press, P.O. Box 2287, Strawberry Hills, New South Wales 2012, Australia, telephone (61 2) 9319 5877, fax (61 2) 9319 3649, e-mail: enquiries@currency.com.au; contact Sarah Cathcart by e-mail, cathcart@vicnet.net; contact Andrea Lemon by e-mail Lemon@macbbs.com.au;  •  • Cited in Play Index, 1988-1992: An Index to 4,397 Plays, edited by Juliette Yaakov (____-____) and John Greenfieldt (____-____) (New York: The H. W. Wilson Company, 1993), ISSN 0554-3037, LCCN 64-1054, 542 pp.

  § Dramatis Persona Bernice (f), an archaeologist/a Greek cafeteria worker/an urban Aboriginal mother/a retired headmistress.

  § Synopsis “Bernice is an archaeologist who is ‘digging’ in the remains of various Judaeo-Christian and Greek temples. She inadvertantly finds lumps of pots and other artefacts that challenge her understanding of 'the serpent' from Christian mythology.”—Script Search, accessed November 12, 2002.

  § Comment “One actress portrays the lives of four contemporary Australian women.”—Yaakov and Greenfieldt, p. 59. • “This comedic story is interwoven with the stories of three Australian women - a Greek cafeteria worker, an urban Aboriginal mother and a retired headmistress. All parts are written to be played by the one actress but may be played by more. Cast number is between 1 and 6.”—Script Search. • Currency Press lists the author as Sara Lemon. • Sarah Cathcart was a former director of Women's Circus, based at the Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne, Australia. • “Andrea Lemon (Artistic Director) Andrea is a highly awarded writer, director and dramaturg who works with theatre companies and independent projects throughout Australia. She creates shows for mainstage and alternative theatre, cabaret, visual and physical theatre, community theatre, youth theatre and circus. She was director and co-writer (with Sarah Cathcart) of the award-winning Snakehouse Trilogy -The Serpent's Fall; Walking On Sticks and Tiger Country - which received acclaim throughout Australia, Britain, Denmark and the USA. She is director and dramaturg of Car Maintenance, Explosives and Love, (written by Donna Jackson) which toured Britain in '98, and continues to tour Australia (nominated for a Vic Green Room Award). Her book Rodeo Girls Go Round the Outside, inspired her yodelling musical Rodeo Noir (produced by Vitalstatistix) which won the '98 Stage and Gold Awgie Awards, the USA LEND International Exchange Award, and received presentations in New York and San Francisco. She dramaturged and directed Postcards from Nanna, a music-based children's performance about reconciliation, with Andrea Rieniets and Patch Theatre; and is developing a new physical theatre script about female to male transgenderism, called Tranny Boy, with Legs on the Wall. Her productions have received Victorian Green Room Awards, and the ABC Radio Fringe Awards. She was the recipient of an Australia Council Theatre Fund Fellowship (2000-2001) to develop writing for cross art form performance. In this time she worked on the adaptation of Rodeo Noir as a feature film. She has previously worked as a dramatrug for the Women's Circus and wrote Secrets (2001). Andrea was appointed Artistic Director of the company in February 2002.”—Women's Circus Staff/Artists, accessed November 12, 2002.

  §  Themes Aboriginal, academia, archaeology, food service, Australia, Christianity, mythology.

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