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“Peggy: The Life and Times of Mrs. Benedict Arnold”

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Hruby, Norbert J. (American playwright, retired second president of Aquinas College, 1918-____), “Peggy: The Life and Times of Mrs. Benedict Arnold,” a 60-minute bare-stage drama in English, set in the Arnold home, England, 1803,


; © 200_ by Norbert J. Hruby; • in Norbert J. Hruby’s Peggy: The Life and Times of Mrs. Benedict Arnold (Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A.: The Author, 200_); • script/rights available from Norbert J. Hruby, 245 Briarwood SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506, U.S.A., telephone (home) 616-459-1149, e-mail nordolor@iserv.net. • Cited by Norbert J. Hruby, via ftp, November 28, 2003; Hruby says,

§ Dramatis Persona Peggy (f), 43, widow of General Benedict Arnold.

§ Synopsis “Margaret Shippen Arnold (Peggy), 43, widow of recently-deceased General Benedict Arnold living out her life in exile in England in 1803, ‘writes’ (tells) the story of her life with the infamous American traitor and her role in his treason. She was his second wife, the daughter of Judge Edward Shippen of Philadelphia, the Tory chief justice of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She knew John Andre, eventually the master spy of the British forces in America, before she knew Arnold. She was an intermediary between the two in a relationship that ended with Andre's execution and Arnold's defection to the British in 1780.

§ Comment “Peggy's narrative is played out on a bare stage with only costume changes and appropriate props. • ‘Peggy: The Life and Times of Mrs. Benedict Arnold’ has been performed several times in Michigan by Penny Avery, chair of the communications department at Aquinas College [Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A.]—most notably as the ‘second act’ of Beyond a Treasonable Doubt, the first act of which was the telling of the treason story by Benedict Arnold himself, played by Robert S. Brown—a benefit performance to raise funds for the new theatre on the Aquinas College campus. Subsequently, Ms. Avery and Mr. Brown played Beyond a Treasonable Doubt in Ridgefield, Connecticut, U.S.A.” • Research could include the papers of American major-general Benedict Arnold (MS Am 1446) reposited at Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138, U.S.A. • Also, research could include Joyce D. Goodfriend’s The Widowhood of Margaret Shippen Arnold: Letters from England, 1801-1803," PMBH 115, no. 2 (April 1991): 221-255. • Also, research could include the treatment of Peggy Arnold in Kirk Wood Bromley’s The American Revolution, produced by Inverse Theatre; contact Kirk Wood Bromley via e-mail cgracia@inversetheater.com for book that includes score by Robert Lopez, introduction by Tom Sullivan, historical commentary by Professor Donald Higgenbotham, and illustrations by David Gaddis.

§ Themes 1803, Andre (John Andre, British officer, 1750-1780), England, Arnold (Benedict Arnold, militia captain and ardent American Revolutionary Patriot turned traitor, January 14, 1741-June 14, 1801), Arnold (Margaret Shippen Arnold, daughter of Loyalist Judge Edward Shippen, facilitator of husband Benedict’s plot to betray the United States, July 11, 1760-August 24, 1804), American Revolution, treason.

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