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Price, Lindsay (Canadian playwright, 1969-____), “Flashbacks,”

a 30-minute bare-stage poetic drama set in a hospital waiting room, an hour after lunch on a warm and sunny October day, 1996,

1f (mid-twenties),

© 1996 by Lindsay Price, scripts and rights available from the playwright via www.theatrefolk.com. Cited to present author by Lindsay Price via e-mail, February 27, 1996; Price says,

  § Dramatis Persona Cheryl (f), a wife.

  § Synopsis “Cheryl receives a phone call that her husband has been seriously injured in a biking accident and is at the hospital. Cheryl makes it to the hospital, but cannot make herself go to his room because she fears the worst. She tries to comfort herself with other memories of hospital visits, ones where the personal stakes were not quite so high. By the time she works of the courage to go and see her husband, the worst has come true.

  § Comment “The play occurs in a white space; white sheets hang from clotheslines. This monologue, based on a poem, retains a poetic quality. It is the first monologue in a trilogy about three women's reactions to the death of their husbands, be it immediate or thirty years ago. As of February, 1996, the second and third portions are still works in progress.  • Flashbacks’ has recently won the Nu-Now Competition sponsored by Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario. As a result, the play will be published by the university in the fall of 1996.

  § Themes acceptance, biking, comfort, courage, death, fear, hospitalization,  injury, marriage, memory, phone call, visit.

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